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Put It Together: Make A Fresh Outfit For Spring

    What’s it like weather-wise where you’re at? In NYC, spring has sprung, but not 100%. And this makes getting dressed confusing especially when I want to put it together quickly!

    With my outfits I like to feel current with the season. I also like to feel comfortable which means I don’t want to freeze in the chilly temps.

    So I got into my closet. I played around with the clothes I owned and came up with a super fun solution. What I discovered is it’s all about experimenting and pairing unlikely combinations. And that’s what I share in this quick video style tutorial that shows you how to do it yourself.

    Click play to see how to put together an outfit that feels like spring, but is also weather appropriate. Even if you live in a warm weather place, you’ll still get new ideas for combining your clothes in a harmonious, yet unexpected way.

    Put It Together: A Fresh Outfit From Your Old Clothes

    And if you want to closet shop and create a new outfit from what you already own, get the free style guide that shows you how to do it (and have a ton of fun!)

    Click here to get the free style guide.

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