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Closet Edit: Spring Jackets That Align With Your Style

    Do you ever do a closet edit and sort through your clothes to see what’s going on? I know it takes time, but it’s a really good practice to understand what’s missing so you can fill in the gaps and have a well rounded, versatile wardrobe. And sometimes it’s easier to do this one category at a time instead of a total overhaul.

    Closet Edit: Spring Jackets

    Since winter coats are no longer needed in NYC, I looked at my spring jackets to see what I would still wear. I discovered that there’s one area that is seriously lacking! I’m sharing it all in the video. Watch the style tutorial and learn:

    • How to assess your wardrobe despite not going out much in 2020
    • The easiest way to ensure that you find what you want when shopping
    • How to tell if an item is still YOU
    • 2 print mixing strategies to create a harmonious look
    • How to handle those pieces in your wardrobe that you still like, but don’t want to wear

    Click play to see this closet edit so you get new ideas for your spring style. I’m seeing my jackets completely different after this experience.

    Update Your Wardrobe

    Sometimes in our closet edit, we learn that our current clothes won’t work anymore. Our tastes shift and change and we don’t always want to wear what we have. This is what happened to a client of mine. She didn’t like her spring clothes so I created a lookbook of lightweight jackets, spring dresses, colorful tops and sandals. Now she has lots of options to update her wardrobe and freshen up what she wears.

    If you need help updating your style so you feel more excited by your clothes and confident that you look good, let’s talk! Book a call and we’ll discuss how I can help you update your spring style so feel inspired by your closet. Click here to book a free call now!

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