RYS Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the Challenge!

How did it go yesterday with your styling non-negotiables? Did you figure out what makes you choose your most worn pieces? It’s important to understand this to ensure your signature look fits into your lifestyle.

(If you need to catch up on the emails + styling tutorials, click this link for Day 2 and click this link for Day 1 )

Today, the challenge is to venture out, and discover your Special Style Guides because this will help you refine your personal preferences, and lead you to looks you love!


Think about the women whose style inspires you most. It could be a celebrity, someone you’ve seen in photos, or someone in your life.

Now sign onto Pinterest. And if you haven’t already, create a board called RECLAIM YOUR STYLE CHALLENGE. (If you don’t have a Pinterest account, it’s free and simple to join. You can click here for a tutorial on getting started on Pinterest.)

Start searching for celebrities whose style you admire, or if you’re thinking of someone in your life – see if she’s on Pinterest and you can look at her style boards.

Click here to browse my board for inspiration.

Pin every look and style that inspires you to the Reclaim Your Style Challenge pin board. And don’t forget to add #reclaimyourstylechallenge so I can see what you’re pinning.

I also want you to fill in the description boxes with what you like about each particular look so you’ll have it for reference. Take note if it’s the color palette. Or if it’s the particular details of the picture – like the jacket she’s wearing. Or her shoes. Or her accessories.

Click here to watch the video where I talk more on our Special Style Guides, and how they help us refine our taste and preferences.

And make sure to download the workbook so you have a solid understanding of today’s challenge.

You can get the workbook by clicking here

And that’s all for today!

I’ll see you tomorrow.