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Seeing The Purpose (Again)


    After watching Mr. Holland’s Opus last night I felt it was appropriate to re-post this piece from last summer.

    I think many of us struggle with trying to create our grand symphony in life– whether we can’t find the time, or don’t know exactly how it looks or sounds.
    Mr. Holland came to realize that his opus was his students. All those years teaching — that was his symphony — not his after-hours passion of creation.
    His purpose was embedded in the day to day.

    What would it feel like to know this while you’re in it…to know that what you’re doing every day has meaning for yourself and others? We tend to look beyond for the great purpose which could potentially push it off it into an elusive place.

    Here’s what I had to say about this last July.

    Have you figured out what it is that you’re “supposed” to do? You know, found your thing in life?

    Seems some people were born knowing. It’s like in their DNA, or something. I’ve got artist friends who are 100% dedicated to their process of creating. It’s all they do and think about. Musicians too. I know many who probably shouldn’t be doing anything else except make music. And what about athletes? The skills they exhibit with such easy zeal aren’t given to just everybody.

    So while passion and talent can uncover purpose pretty quickly, not everyone has their gifts on display so clearly. Purpose doesn’t always show up as a grand piece of work. Many may sift through life trying to decipher the big questions, and how it translates into purpose. But oft-times it’s revealed in the ho-hum day-to-day. Like making spaghetti and meatballs for your family. Or sharing your stories on a blog.

    We’ve all got something unique to offer that sits sweetly within the soul. No need to move through life searching for some dogmatic sense of being. Look for the meaning in all you do. When you come across that thing you HAVE to do…let it lead you to your purpose. And when that becomes your compelling vision…express it!

    How do you integrate purpose into your life?

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