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Signature Styles And Why You Need One

    You know those graphic tees with words across the chest? People wear them to make a statement. My I ❤️ NY shirt tells everyone about my love affair with this city!

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    But you don’t need a graphic tee to say something about yourself. Everyday you make a statement that comes through in all you wear… whether you realize it or not!

    Your clothing communicates before you speak, and this informs others what to think about you…

    …Within seconds!

    Here’s what happens:

    They see you. 

    Your outfit speaks to them.

    They come to a conclusion about who you are.

    And guess what?!?

    You do the same thing to them!

    We are visual beings who need to make sense of the world around us. We quickly attempt to piece together all fragments of information in order to process and move on.

    It’s harsh.

    But you’re not powerless in this situation. 

    You can elevate someone’s perception just by what you wear. So if you want to convey authority, trust or fun…your clothes help do this!

    And if you want to be consistent with what you communicate, a signature style is your answer.


    There’s a lot of questions about signature styles. 

    Is it a uniform like what Steve Jobs wore?

    Does it have to be built around a statement piece like Carrie Bradshaw’s tutu?

    Can only rich people have one like Anna Wintour?

    Yes, yes and no.

    Your signature style could be a uniform. But I find this restrictive. (I share what I do instead below.)

    You can use a statement piece as the main feature. I love incorporating strong elements into my clients’ signatures.

    Signature styles are available to anyone. But like anything well designed, it must be skillfully created and serve its purpose.

    What’s The Purpose?

    Your signature style must accomplish three things:

    1. Give you confidence

    This means that your clothes are complimentary, and make you feel good.

    2. Show people who you are

    Your outfits MUST express your personality and reflect your career and goals. 

    3. Leave a lasting impression

    Once you’ve accomplished 1 + 2, it’s inevitable that you’ll be more memorable in what you wear. 

    Your signature style helps you narrow down your wardrobe which makes getting dressed faster and easier because you have LESS but BETTER options.


    When designing your signature style consider these ingredients to add to yours:


    🔺Pattern, Prints, Texture


    🔺Fit / Silhouettes



    Rather than go with a basic uniform, I prefer to design a series of outfit archetypes that are in alignment with a signature. This is more versatile and supports all the different roles we play in life.

    Then you’ll know what to wear when you’re getting dressed as:

    • VP of your company
    • WFH entrepreneur
    • Colleague at team meeting
    • Speaker at a conference
    • Wife on date night
    • Friend at brunch
    • Mom at pick up

    …and so on.

    But in order to easily dress for your roles, you need the right clothes.

    That’s where your signature comes in.

    Build your wardrobe in alignment with your signature for more versatility and cohesiveness. This way everything shares a common thread — it’s in service of your style!

    Does having a signature style make sense for you?

    Answer the questions below:

    🔸Are your outfits allover the place?

    🔸Do you want a defined style?

    🔸Are you ready to dress the part of all your roles in life?

    🔸Do you need outfit planning to be fast and easy because you don’t have time to waste?

    🔸Are you ready to upgrade your wardrobe to reflect where you’re at in life today?

    🔸Do you have special events coming up that you need good outfits for?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, a signature style may be right for you!

    Want help designing your signature style? I’ve got a few different ways we can work together. Go here to book a call and let’s discuss your unique situation and which styling option would serve you best.

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