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Start Here For Your Signature Style

    When you want to create a style that's recognizably YOU, it's good to have a signature piece. It's the first step in having a signature style that you love and makes you look amazing

    If you want a signature style, but have no idea where to start then a signature piece is your answer.

    When you want to create a style that's recognizably YOU, it's good to have a signature piece. It's the first step in having a signature style that you love and makes you look amazing

    Think Anna Wintour and her sunglasses. Pharrell with his hat. And Audrey Hepburn and the little black dress. While these examples are iconic, your signature piece doesn’t need to be larger than life. Nor do you need to be rich or famous to have one. Your signature piece only needs to be meaningful for you.  

    Click play to watch the video where I talk about why you need a signature piece and share examples of some of mine.

    It’s All You

    A signature piece is something that people come to recognize as you. It could be sentimental – like a passed down piece of jewelry. Or it may be something you felt compelled to buy while on vacation. When others see something similar to your signature piece, they immediately think of you.

    It’s A Feeling

    Sometimes your signature piece isn’t obvious to others. If it’s small, people won’t see it right away, but that’s okay. The inherent feature of a signature piece is the way it makes you feel. How you received the piece isn’t as important as why you want to wear it. Ultimately, your signature piece is worn to remind you of yourself.

    One of my signature pieces is a pair of diamond studs that my aunt and uncle gave me when I was 13 years old. I put them in my ears back then, and haven’t taken them out since. And the reason I’ve kept them on for all these years is because I love them. They’re classic and pretty. And I love that something from that long ago still resonates with me. These earrings made me feel pretty back then, and they still do now. And while I wouldn’t define my style as classic, there’s a persistence within me – like these tiny diamond studs – that just keep showing up. So these earrings remind me of this quality in myself.

    Style Statement

    When you find a signature piece that you love and want to wear regularly, you’re telling the world something about yourself. To me, Anna Wintour’s sunglasses make her mysterious. Pharrell looks happy in his hat. And that little black dress makes Audrey Hepburn the quintessential lady. What do you want others to know about you? Let your signature piece share fun clues to who you are.

    Some obvious signature pieces could be an engagement ring which tells people you’re in love.

    Another obvious choice would be wearing your birthstone. In this situation you’re telling others about when you’re born. I’ve collected some amethyst jewelry through the years. But they’ve become less about my signature and worn more for special occasions.

    When you want to create a style that's recognizably YOU, it's good to have a signature piece. It's the first step in having a signature style that you love and makes you look amazing

    The 3 C’s For A Signature Style

    Here are 3 reasons to wear a signature piece.

    Completion– Once you’ve found your signature piece, it’ll help you get dressed – you can style yourself around its elements. Also, because signature items are often accessories, you’ll get your third element with this piece to finish off your look.

    Consistency– If you love your signature piece, and wear it everyday it’ll add a common thread to all your outfits. This is great if you feel like you’ve been all over the place with what you wear. It’ll help refine and define your style.

    Communication – Your signature piece tells the world something about you. I wear floral as my signature which tells the world I love the feminine print. If you chose red as your signature, you’d communicate power that’s associated with the bold hue.

    If you’re looking to create a style that’s recognizably you, consider integrating a signature piece. This item will show the world who you are while filling you with confidence to show up as the most authentic version of yourself.

    What’s your signature piece?

    6 thoughts on “Start Here For Your Signature Style”

    1. Pamela Goldman

      I have any interview at a museum this Wednesday and intend to wear gray slacks, a white tank and a signature piece will be a statement necklace of turquoise, coral and silver bold necklace…this will pop against my minimalist clothes….thanks Elysha…video now working well!

    2. Lynn Edmond

      Hi Elysha
      My signature pieces includes a selection of scarves, loafers and pearl studs. I suffer with my feet and need shoes that take orthotics and a loafer fits the bill for me. It used to be a ballet pump but they don’t have enough support. But loafers don’t really look too flattering with skirts and dresses on me so I’m mostly in jeans, a smart top and weather permitting a nice scarf. My scarf is a bit of a security blanket that hides a midriff/belly slide!

    3. Christine Cross

      Hi Elisha,

      I have a couple of items that define me. They include “Cherry Pie” nail polish, a necklace and bracelet that were given to me by a girlfriend. The other item that is also probably a signature piece for me is shoes and boots.

      With shoes, I almost always wear Mary Jane style shoes with a block heel. I also love boots. Most of these also have a block heel.


    4. Hi Lynn, It sounds like you’ve figured out how to incorporate your signature into your look – well done!

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