Simple Stretch Series For More Flexibility And A Calm Mind

Simple Stretch Series For More Flexibility And A Calm Mind

Stretching is totally underrated. Whether it’s because a simple stretch series won’t give the same results as a strength training class (six pack abs!), or maybe it’s because people don’t think flexibility is important… too many skip out on this vital component of a holistic fitness routine.

This simple stretch series is perfect to do as an add-on to your regular workout. It will serve as a cool down while releasing your muscles from all the effort you put into your exercise. You could also do this routine on its own for your rest day. Or you could make this your workout for the day. You will feel both invigorated and calm when you’re done!

The good thing with stretching is most everybody can do it! The key is to stay super mindful with your movement. Pay attention to your alignment, and use your breath to help lengthen the body. And since stretching keeps your body loose and limber, it’s an important step in preventing injury.

While definitely yoga inspired (I am a yogi, afterall ?? ), this session is not a yoga sequence. It begins with sun salutation variations then moves into basic stretches that will lengthen your whole body. I suggest slowing the video down (click the gear icon and scroll to SPEED) since I moved pretty quickly to keep the video from getting too long. And if you can sit in meditation for 5 minutes when it’s done, you’ll be set for the day with your flexible body and calm mind.

Here is your simple stretch series. Click play! (Then let me know what you thought in the comments below!)


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