Real Life Meditation Benefits And Why To Start Your Practice

Real Life Meditation Benefits And Why To Start Your Practice

Forget about all the science statistics that support meditation. While this information is good to know, and can be 100% encouraging, it’s not always relatable when it’s so data driven and includes terminology on the gray matter of the brain. Today, I’m going to share the real life benefits of my meditation practice, and how I experience its positive effects firsthand on a regular basis.

It’s been about a year and a half since I’ve become consistent with my practice. I must credit attending class to really getting me to meditate regularly. Before that, it was an on and off kind of thing. I’d do it when I remembered, or felt like it. But once I started showing up at the same time to the same place (plus spending money to attend!), it took my practice to another level.

One reason I meditate is because it helps with my creativity. Whenever I get stuck somewhere – like not knowing what to post next – or coming up with new ideas to pitch for stories, if I meditate on it, the ideas will come in. It also helps me relax through anxiety. When my mind starts racing frantically because of some outside circumstance, I’ll always find some sense of calm from meditating which helps me come up with more solutions for a sticky situation. And lastly, meditation connects me to my true self. By quieting my mind of its chatter, I’m able to tune in and really listen to what my soul is saying. When I’m uncertain about how to proceed in my life, if I ask myself in meditation, I always get the right next move.

Click to watch the video for a full explanation of my real life meditation benefits.

And here is the link to the meditations I mentioned in the video.


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  1. I do the same thing, Elysha. The best ideas and creativity do come from meditation. I think it washes away the old stuff that stresses us out and then we’re renewed and can hear our Spirit. Loved the video too. New York city noise would drive me crazy!

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