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How To Stay True To Yourself And Not Care What Others Think

    To stay true to yourself is a big challenge as likes on social media directly impact our self worth. Here's how to stop relying on the validation of others.

    Now that M is on Instagram, this whole notion of receiving approval from others is in my face in a big, big way.
    someone’s particular path.

    And it’s not only in social media. It’s everywhere!

    Just the other day, I pulled into the most perfect parking spot in the highly congested area of Greenwich Village, right next to Washington Square Park. To celebrate my win, I did had a little dance party to Beck’s fantastic new track Dreams, in the driver’s seat. GL was mortified.

    Mom! That man can see you!

    When I looked up there was, indeed, a man standing on the sidewalk next to our car. But he was doing his own little jig with me! So I explained to GL, people like to see others happy. And who cares what he thinks anyways?

    Despite the message I’m trying to relay to my kids,sometimes I do care what other people think. Which is why I try to remember these 3 things.

    3 Things To Remember To Stay True To Yourself And Not Give A Sh*t What Other People Think Of You:

    1. Practice Non Attachment
    Whenever there’s an inner struggle, there’s always a yoga principle to put into play. The gist here is do your best then get on with it. Release expectations and forget about the fruits of your effort. On Instagram, that translates to – take the coolest photo you can, post it and move on.

    2. Build A Solid Foundation
    Again, yoga helps with this. But you don’t have to stand in Mountain pose all day to feel grounded. It’s about having confidence in who you are, and standing strong in what you do. As long as you know you’re awesome, it doesn’t matter what someone else thinks.

    3. Mind Your Own Business

    I think I read this in some self help book along the way, and it really stuck. What other people think about you isn’t any of your business. Stay focused on your stuff. Let them worry about theirs.

    How do you stay true to yourself and not worry about what others think about you?

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    5 thoughts on “How To Stay True To Yourself And Not Care What Others Think”

    1. Ooh. Well, I had to grow up first 🙂 That helped a lot! I realised that people are not thinking about me, they are thinking about themselves. If by some chance they are thinking about me, they are thinking about their thoughts of me, which doesn’t really have anything to do with the actual me. So. Plus, like you said, be really grounded and connected to yourself. Xo

    2. Sara, that’s so true — someone else’s thoughts have nothing to do with who we are…it’s only their perceptions, their stories… blah blah blah…who needs to take that on!! x x Love hearing from you.

    3. Always love the yoga applications, E. How old is M, if I may ask? People really aren’t thinking about us as much as we (narcissistically) imagine they are. At least they’re not lingering on us. They’re plenty occupied with themselves.

    4. D, it is a relief when we finally realize people aren’t actually lingering on us.
      M is 9. Growing up with social media just adds a whole other level of putting yourself out there, and all the stuff that goes with it.

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