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Let’s Chat With A Journey Dance Instructor


    intro-02Movement as a means to self expression is one of my favorite to-dos so I reached out to Rachel Frank, Journey Dance instructor and expert on the topic to tell me more about this ritualistic healing practice.

    How did you come to Journey Dance?

    I came to Journey Dance at Kripalu for the first time in 2005 when I was pregnant with my first child. Toni Bergins was facilitating that day, and I discovered that moving my physical body in tune with my breathe and my emotions was the biggest healing experience I had ever had!

    Can you please explain the benefits of using dance / movement as a creative outlet and as a meditational experience?

    The benefits of ‘moving’ as a healing practice can take days to explain. I say this every day ‘the body needs to move’ ‘the mind needs to move’ the breath needs to move’ ‘the emotions need to move’…when we stir things up, literally, negative energy and toxic emotion can be released. Even by shaking the body, we release toxins in the soft tissues.

    Please describe your class.

    Journey Dance is a healer and a celebration. Some people come to class as a weekly catharsis. Some people come for the connection it gives, the feeling of community. Some people come to sweat and enjoy dancing! We move through music that connects to the earths elements; earth, water, air and fire.

    Who is your class for?

    JD is for absolutely anyone and everyone. We have danced with professional dancers, healing practitioners, moms, dads, grandparents, all people are welcome and encouraged to come and check it out for themselves. No dance background necessary, just an open mind!

    What is the intention behind each of your classes?

    The intention behind each class is up to you. I am just a facilitator, motivating people to understand what they need and how to release any blockages. Emotional freedom and an open heart are the biggest gain from coming to a JD class.

    Learn more about Rachel’s class here.

    Thank you, Rachel!

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