Winterize Your Favorite Wardrobe Pieces With These Simple Styling Tips

Winterize Your Favorite Wardrobe Pieces With These Simple Styling Tips

While working with a client last week, on a closet refresh, we went through a bunch of her pretty, spring dresses made of lightweight fabrics that would never hold up in the NYC cold.

But rather than tuck them away until April, I suggested she winterize them — add layers over and underneath, to extend the wearability factor of these items.

Here’s what you need to winterize your favorite warm weather pieces.


Turtlenecks often get a bad rap as being the unsexy sister of the v-neck sweater. But in actuality, these staples make for amazing layering pieces. They look fantastic underneath deep v dresses while giving them that classic 60s mod appeal.


The obvious answer to stepping outside in your midi skirt– an opaque pair of tights. Not only will they keep your legs from freezing off the rest of your body, they’ll accessorize your look to the max. This pair is pretty great.

Thigh Highs Socks

Similar to tights, these long legged beauties will add warmth to your body while making a special statement on their own. Try them under cute platform sandals, or let them peep out from your tall boots.


Are you shivering just thinking about putting on your sleeveless dress? Throw a sweatshirt over it, like this one, and forget about it!

Boyfriend Blazers

Think of this as your cooler version of a cardigan. Layer it right over your wispy dress for extra edge and longevity.

How do you winterize your favorite pieces?

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  1.' Maia says:

    Hey girl! I do the same since last year. I found it more difficult to keep packing away and undoing them again when seasons change. And I love it. I get to wear my summer clothes year round! xo

  2. I know! Once you figure out how to make those pieces work in the winter…it makes so much sense! I will say, we’ve been having such warm weather here…I haven’t really had to dip into those turtlenecks and tights just yet. xoxo

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