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Styling From The Inside: Secrets From A Make Up Artist


    To tap into real style our choices must best express who we are so the outside becomes a total reflection of the inside. It’s a process of self discovery, experimentation and playfulness.

    One place I like to play is in the beauty department. And though I’m a minimalist myself — using just tinted moisturizer, a little liner and mascara, (Maybe a hint of blush when my face isn’t too red from overheating.) I’m always open to learning new tricks from the pros… which happens to be built into my job as I spend a lot of time hanging out with hair and makeup artists on set.

    Last week I got to work with Noelle Marinelli. Having grown up together in the business, I’ve seen Noelle’s career evolve as she hones in on the different techniques and trends that help others express their true beauty.

    Today Noelle shares her secrets on the natural look.

    1. How do you define natural beauty?

    Beauty is really about embracing who we are and practicing good self-care, knowing our worth as women and people. That said, the ritual of a beauty routine doesn’t have to be about “covering up”; for me it’s a way to treat myself (and my clients) with care and attentiveness. Taking time to relax, breathe, and feel wonderful and Womanly.

    2. What’s the best way to achieve a natural beauty look?

    A natural beauty look starts with great skin and good grooming. From there, I go for the lightest-textured foundation needed, whether that may be a tinted moisturizer or a cream formula deftly applied where needed with a light hand (my personal preference). Blending all edges with a clean brush or sponge is key.

    3. What beauty product could you not live without?

    This is tough to answer. I would say a great multi-purpose concealer. While I love to see skin, I’m a busy mom who just doesn’t get enough sleep! Concealers from Dior and Laura Mercier do the trick for both making my dark circles go away and spot concealing. .

    4. Which beauty product do you think is a total waste? And why?

    I am not a fan of any beauty product that is not well-pigmented. I would much rather tone down a bright cream blush by cutting it with some moisturizer than layering and layering and layering patchy foundation or talc-ridden eyeshadow. It just doesn’t work, especially for a natural beauty look.

    5. What make up trend do you think is worth trying out?

    I am a big fan of oils for the skin and hair, especially those with a sheen.

    6. Which trend can we skip?

    I am very much OVER heavy contouring. I think that it rarely looks natural and it is essentially the opposing force to my philosophy, which is about embracing one’s individual features. Your nose does not need to look “thinner”– our features are a reflection of who we are, of our ancestors, of where we have come. That’s beauty and i don’t think it should be “erased” with makeup.

    7. What do you think we should invest the most time/money/energy into maintaining— beauty wise?

    Get some good tools and treat them with care: brushes, an eyelash curler, some Beauty Blenders (the most wonderful sponges in existence).

    8. How do you suggest we simplify our beauty routine?

    Clean out your makeup bag! Streamline: A great foundation and concealer, a cream blush, a few neutral shadows, mascara and a yummy rosy lip color in a great texture. Pop those into your bag and clear out anything old, dated or dusty.

    Checkout some of Noelle’s work here.

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    4 thoughts on “Styling From The Inside: Secrets From A Make Up Artist”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      Thank you for sharing Noelle’s tips and philosophy! I checked out her site and I am going to get to work on my make up bag as well as readjusting my thinking my own natural beauty. You began my morning with positive energy!

    2. Yes, wonderful advice Elysha. Your make up bag sounds like mine!

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