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Summer Workout Clothes For When It’s Crazy Hot

    When it's hot. your summer workout clothes need to be able handle a lot of sweat, and keep you dry. Here are 3 looks to consider wearing when it's too hot. Click through to watch the video and see the summer workout clothes!

    When the weather gets crazy hot – like it does during the NYC summer – it’s important to wear the right workout clothes. Recently, during the heatwave, I made a huge mistake in deciding to wear my regular workout tights which felt awful as I sweat during class, and even worse when I got home and had to peel them off…so sticky!

    In an attempt to find workout clothes geared towards summer, you know, with breathable fabrics that dry quickly from sweat, I bought some new pieces from the gap, lululemon and lou & grey to try on. I created three outfits — using shorts, tanks, high waisted cropped leggings, and tees – that seemed like they would keep me from getting too hot and sticky when I workout. In my next video, I go through these looks, and share how they felt plus how well they fit and moved as I did some exercises.

    Also, I share some info on my new service as an online stylist where I help you figure out what to wear that will make you look your best.

    Click the video to see the summer workout clothes!

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