A Super Simple Workout For Mind, Body + Soul

A Super Simple Workout For Mind, Body + Soul

Since every day doesn’t permit a full-on workout – whether it’s a yoga class, or some other type of exercise — I’ve come to rely on my home practice to get my body moving in a way that goes beyond a basic stretch.

Having taught yoga for a bit, along with being a dedicated Ashtangi for another bit (that set sequence ingrains in the brain), I’ve got the foundation for a simple routine. But because I’m looking¬†to do more than just yoga, I riff off the poses for¬†the freedom to open the body, clear the mind and express the soul.

To try this, all you need is a small area in your home, about 20 minutes of time, and a readiness to loosen up, let go and have some fun.


Here’s A Super Simple Workout For Your Mind, Body + Soul


 Begin by reaching your arms overhead, and take it into a side stretch. Do both sides.

Bring your side stretch to the floor and around. Reverse the direction. Do this a few times.

From stand, rotate yours arms forward. Then reverse the direction. Do this a few times.

Roll the shoulders forward. Roll the shoulders back. Do this a few rounds.

Head roll in one direction. Do the other direction.

Bring your right knee into the chest, arms up by the ears. Fold into figure 4 and hold it. Do the other side.

From¬†stand., reach the arms up by the ears, lengthen the right leg long, and twist the torso to the right – arms spread out wide. Grab the extended leg’s big toe with the left hand, if you can. Breathe here several rounds. Then switch the twist to the other side, and breathe deeply.

Come back to stand and lean forward into Warrior 3. Breathe here. Then place the hands on the floor and extend the leg long in the air. Hold it here for a few breaths.

From Warrior 3, lift and lower your arms (straight) behind the back. Then criss cross the arms behind the back. Clasp the fingers behind the back, place both feet on the floor and fold forward. Hold it here for 10 breaths then do the other side.

Take Triangle and hold it for several breaths.

Take Revolved Triangle and hold it for several breaths.

Do 5 rounds of Sun Salutations holding Downward Dog for 3-5 breaths each set.

From stand, open your legs wide to a squat. Jump the feet back together. Do this a few times.

From stand, reach the arms up by the ears then slowly brings hands down to prayer, and begin to sway your hips from side to side.

Move your body freely. Make it a dance party! Do this for two songs. 

Come to sit in meditation. Set your timer for 5¬†minutes and watch the inhale and exhale for the entire time. Whenever your mind wanders come back to the breath. (If you’d like guidance for your meditation click here¬†for a 5 minute guided session.)

When you’re finished¬†notice the calm you feel in the body, the clarity in the mind and the awakening in your soul. See how easy that was? I promise if you do this type of routine on the regular, you will feel more centered in who you are, and energized for your life.

Do you ever workout at home? What do you do?

(1st image: Adrian Alston for TheProducer.com)

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  1. info@JenniferWeinbergMD.com' Jennifer says:

    I love how you put this together with your demonstration of the movements! So neat ūüôā

  2. wendy@wholisticwoman.com' Wendy says:

    I love this! I’m bookmarking because I have been looking for something to do at home. I usually just run, but I really need to add in some cross training.

  3. Thank you, Wendy! This little routine is great for cross training. Just make sure to do it with a playlist you love so you can have fun with it!

  4. Thanks Jennifer! It was a process, for sure. My son shot the video!

  5. pondernwonderblog@gmail.com' Madhuri says:

    I love the shots…. it does make it so much simpler for a yoga novice like me to learn it right. I have experienced the magic yoga does not just to the body – but also to the mind and soul, especially after a stressful long day at work.

  6. Madhuri, it really is an exercise for the mind, body and soul. I’m so happy you have experienced the magic. For me, this is what keeps me coming back to the mat.

  7. You look so happy in some of these shots! Definitely the magic of yoga!

  8. Thank you, Lisa. I love how you mention the magic of yoga…it really can be a magical practice!

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