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The Top Trends I’m Trying This Spring

    If you’re looking to fit into the top 10 trends, this post isn’t for you. That’s not my approach to fashion. My goal is to help my clients create long lasting confidence — which doesn’t require buying the latest and greatest every season.

    But people change. And so do the times. That’s why it’s important to keep current not just to who you are and how you want to feel, but also what’s going on around you. You do this by staying attuned to new ideas. Which is where the latest trends come in. 

    Click play to watch the video where I share the 3 trends I’ll wear this spring.

    Keep reading to see how to discern which top trends to wear in the upcoming season.

    The Most Important Trend

    Rather than approach the trends as The Answer to updating your style, think more about how they can SERVE your style. Remember, you are the main character in your life. Your clothes are the supporting character.

    So with this understanding, know that the most important trend to follow is that of your own personal style. Your wardrobe must evolve, otherwise you’ll stay stuck and feel outdated.

    Also what we see on the runways, or on the streets will resonate differently with each person. So you need to follow your taste and preferences. The latest fashion may not do it for you.

    For example, my teenage daughter is all about Y2K — low rise jeans and baby tees. You will see this trend all over. But it’s not for me. 

    My Y2K during Y2K

    When I make styling recommendations for my clients, there’s never one trend I tell them all to wear. That wouldn’t work because they all have different styles.

    So for this reason, when I break down the trends in this post, I’m sharing what I’m excited to wear…not what you MUST wear. Take my ideas and see how they’ll work with the trend of your personal style. How can they support you as the main character in your life?

    How To Approach The Latest Trends

    My approach to style is holistic. This means that while I love having fun with clothing, I’m more interested in the woman wearing the clothing, and how she feels in her clothes.

    For this reason, I believe incorporating the latest trends has less to do with “What” to wear, and more with “How” it’ll make me feel.

    I encourage you to give this a try.

    Rather than start with the list of the latest trends and then decide what you want to wear, determine how you want to feel in your clothes. Then see what trends help you express this feeling.

    This way, the trend is working to support you instead of you working to fit into the trend.

    When I think about how I want to feel this season, bold and bright come to mind. It’s been a heavy two years with the pandemic and I’m ready to step out in a bigger way.

    The trend that’ll support me in this is color. But not just a pop of bold color. I’m excited for head to toe brightness. And since this is one of the season’s trends, it will be easy finding what I want in store. 

    A Carry Over Every Year

    Often the same trends go on repeat each year. This is good because you don’t have to shop new styles all the time. You may already have what you’re looking for.

    For me, I want to feel supported in the new season. This is a carryover from previous years — I often want to feel supported! But it’s HOW I’ll express this feeling that changes.

    So I’m going with the chunky shoe because:

    A.) I love a platform!

    B.) I already have a pair!

    Early in the year I bought a pair of white lug sole boots. The light color will serve me well through spring and I’ll feel supported in the heavy heel. Plus they’re big in the coming season.

    Me, But With A Fresh Spin

    Another carryover trend is the desire to feel like myself. But I want to shake it up a bit so I feel fresh and alive. To achieve this I’ll experiment with new ideas.

    When looking to experiment, I start with my existing wardrobe and determine what area could use some new life. Right now it’s my tops.

    Once I determined which category to invest in, I visited my favorite vintage shop in the city, and went straight to the tops section. Having this focus makes shopping more deliberate, and less stressful. 

    I landed on a pretty floral blouse (I know, not groundbreaking for spring) which is definitely me. But the fresh spin is the statement shoulders and tapered-in waist. I don’t have anything like it!

    So this season I’m going to rock the voluminous shoulder as my fresh spin.

    Finding The Top Trends

    As you think about what to wear in the new season, instead of going straight to the list of top trends and choosing your looks from there, determine how you want to feel in the new season first. 

    Once you’ve determined how you want to feel, think about which category of your wardrobe needs new life. Then start your shopping from there.

    Having a repertoire of brands and stores that inspire you is going to make the experience more fun, and feel like less work. (Although I actually enjoy “The Dig” in the vintage shops and then finding “The Score.”) So consider venturing outside your usual box when hitting the shops. This could give you the “fresh spin” that your style is craving.

    Another way to freshen up what you wear is to put together your old clothes in new ways. If you need help with this, get my free style guide!

    Click here to get the free style guide that shows you how to put together a new outfit from your old clothes.

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