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Elevate Your Everyday Style In 3 Steps

    If you want to elevate your everyday style, you don’t need to wear the latest trends, or go on a huge shopping spree. Style confidence isn’t about WHAT you wear, it’s HOW you wear it. So when you want to feel natural and look effortless, begin with WHAT you have. Then get intentional about HOW to wear it. 

    Which is what I did the other night. 

    We were going out to dinner with friends. Although the place was in the neighborhood… you could easily see celebrities there. It’s a bit upscale.

    I didn’t have a lot of time to get dressed. But I know that the right outfit gives me energy.

    I went simple and comfortable — sweater and jeans. But because it had 3 key elements, it gave me that extra pep in my step. So when I walked past the other tables on my way to the bathroom, I breezed through the dining area like I owned the place!

    Click play to watch the video where I share the 3 key steps to elevate your everyday style. I demonstrate with my restaurant outfit that I wore the other night so you see how to apply these tips to what you wear.

    And keep reading for more stylist advice.

    3 Steps To Elevate Your Everyday Style

    1. Choose YOUR Colors

    My approach to choosing color is twofold. 

    1. Wear colors that make you look vibrant based on your personal traits like your skin, hair and eyes.

    2. Wear colors that make you feel vibrant based on what you love and how you want to express yourself.

    When you know YOUR colors you’ll not only look better, you’ll feel more like yourself. 

    I bought this sweater ages ago (over 10 years!) in Paris. It’s a classic shape, and the color was and still is SO ME. I love red. It compliments my skin, hair and eyes and it energizes me.

    Think about your colors. Add them into your everyday style.

    2. Accessorize 

    You probably already know you “should’ be accessorizing if you want your outfits to feel elevated. But are you doing it? A lot of women can’t be bothered. 

    I understand!

    I stopped wearing earrings because of the complications they created when wearing a mask.

    But I always add other accessories to my look when I want to feel more complete. Specifically, I love belts. And necklaces.

    There’s 2 ways to approach your accessorizing.

    You can:

    A: Buy inexpensive pieces to try out new trends and ideas to see if you like them.

    B: Invest in quality accessories that make you feel special.

    I’m practicing B these days.

    I invest in my accessories because I know they have the power to transform an outfit. Plus wearing quality pieces feels better.

    Pick a strategy and then implement!

    3. Add In The Unexpected

    The most interesting outfits always come together with an unexpected twist. There are lots of ways to incorporate this!

    If you have long hair, I love how a big bow looks on a low pony tail.

    You could also wear a hat. They’re fun and unexpected.

    Or statement shoes.

    For my unexpected element, I like to add a hint of sparkle. Rather than wearing my necklace in an obvious way, I prefer to keep it subtle, understated. So it adds a tiny glow near my face. 

    The shorter necklace gives a hint of glimmer.

    Your Elevated Everyday Style 

    When elevating your everyday style, think less about what you wear and more about how you wear it.

    Anybody can accessorize & add color.

    But not everyone understands HOW to integrate these elements. 

    This makes all the difference when you want to go from feeling plain (boring?) to being someone who looks like she knows what she’s doing. (Because you do!) And having fun with it!

    Tell me in the comments how you elevate your everyday style!

    If you need new ideas to put together a fresh outfit:

    Click here to get the free style guide that shows you how to put together a new outfit from your old clothes.

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