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Voices Carry

    They really do.

    As someone who considers herself to be all about the movement in life, it seems only right that I give a solid mention to the voices that inspire me to move. Of course a bold beat will always be my beloved. But a strong voice — it’ll bring me to the place.

    You know, the place where chills roll through the body pushing the hairs to stand straight up on the neck.

    It’s the place that inspires me to move. To create. To feel.

    Here are the voices that carry me there.


    Let’s just get him out of the way because I think I’ve made it all too clear that Radiohead can do no wrong in my ears. Okay, I’m slightly obsessed. But with good reason! The artistry. The musicianship. And the voice. Thom Yorke is pure passion. The emotions in his songs are palpable. Oh, and he’s got moves to back it up! Have you seen the video for Lotus Flower? I haven’t checked out his latest release from Atoms for Peace, but I can assure you he’ll hit all the right notes, as always.


    I used to be a HUGE Bjork fan. Everything she did made total sense in my book (okay the swan dress did confuse a bit). I’d wrap my hair up in tiny buns allover, and make crazy faces to follow. Sadly, I have to say — she’s kinda lost me along her way of experimentation. It was her vocal melodies that were instrumental for me. That’s how she captured my soul! If you don’t know what I mean then you absolutely must give Vespertine a listen. She sings to a soundscape of gorgeousness.  These days Bjork doesn’t do much melody. Biophilia seems to be on a whole other track. But that’s fine cause I’ve got all her earlier stuff to take me where I need to be.


    I know I’m not the only Adele megafan.  It’s a confirmed fact — this woman can sing and has one of the most beautifully unique voices out there today. But have you listened to the entire album of 21? Trust me, there’s more than just Rolling In The Deep that legitimizes her total success.


    When I was growing up, Fleetwood Mac Rumours was in steady rotation on the turntable. Perhaps this is why it still cracks my soul open  (nothing like a childhood memory to do that!).  Actually it’s the voice of Stevie Nicks that continues to intrigue. So sexy. So strong. And she had the outfits! But I must add that the other female voice of Fleetwood Mac, Christine McVie had something pretty serious to say.  Check out Songbird for her full range.

    Which voices carry you to that place?

    13 thoughts on “Voices Carry”

    1. as a fellow music lover/fan/obsessor and ‘mover’, the list that makes me move would go on and on, but I’ll keep it simple for today and share what cracks my soul open in a deeper way – BRUNO MARS “When I Was Your Man”. He does not even need the piano for support – his voice is unique and pure and smooth and warm and just oozes awesomeness. 🙂 and of course I could dance my booty off to “Locked out of Heaven”

    2. I am in 100% agreement with you on Bruno Mars! He’s definitely got it. I thought about adding him to this list but decided I would go with singers who have been a bit more ingrained in my life…Bruno Mars is a newcomer for me. Oh but did you see him perform with Sting at the Grammys? That was awesome! He totally held his own with Sting!

    3. Love the jazz ladies from back in the day! Ella Fitzgerald may be the best scatter there ever was!

    4. SirenaTales

      I share your love for music, its incredible power, percussion (and percussionists) and, yes, VOICE! Too many to name, but ironically, although I came late to the party about Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks, I’ve been obsessed with her lately. Maybe not your style, but old-time jazz vocalists also knock me for a loop…Cheers

    5. Matt Harrison

      Great post! As another Radiohead obsessed fan, I have to agree you on Thom Yorke 🙂 I love Bjork’s cover of “All is full of love” by Death Cab for Cutie. I think that’s also especially a highlight of her singing ability.

    6. Female voices that carry me: because for some reason they just resonate: Janis Joplin, Cher, Pink, Dana Fuchs, and I can totally relate to Adele – wow she’s just amazing. Male voices: Sting, Seal, Journey lead singer Steve Perry. =o)

    7. Matt Harrison

      It’s a great one for sure and the song works perfectly with here voice

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