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6 Steps To Shop Your Closet For A Fabulous NYE Outfit so you don’t waste money

    Do you need an outfit for NYE? I’m sure you don’t want to waste money and time on buying something new, so shop your own closet instead! I’ll show you how to put together something fabulous. (You can use this strategy anytime you want to make better use of what you have — not just for NYE.)

    There’s a caveat, though. In order to successfully shop your closet for a look you love, you must be able to SEE WHAT YOU HAVE in your wardrobe. Otherwise, your closet shop will be frustrating, time consuming and ineffective.

    I had a styling client who was so overwhelmed by her wardrobe that instead of taking the time and energy to deal with the clutter, she’d buy something new. She thought she didn’t have anything and NEEDED to buy something new, but this was not the case. She had plenty of amazing pieces that could go together for a fabulous outfit, but she didn’t know what was in her closet.

    I hope you recognize how shopping for new clothes exacerbates an overwhelming wardrobe. Because in addition to causing you to waste money and time, the new clothes create more clutter, and add to the build-up of an overwhelming wardrobe…which becomes too much to deal with.

    That’s why I always recommend starting with what you have! And to help you get started I’m sharing how to shop your own closet for a fabulous NYE outfit. Use these 6 steps to whip up a wonderful look that you’ll be excited to wear.


    Let’s get to it.

    NYE outfit

    6 Steps To Closet Shop A NYE Outfit

    1. Find Something New

    Obviously, this isn’t about buying something new. It’s about finding an item that FEELS new. Maybe you haven’t worn it in awhile. Or perhaps it’s gotten lost in the back of your closet. Try to recall what drew you to this piece in the first place, and tap into the excitement you felt back then. Alternatively, you could grab something that feels festive and makes you want to celebrate!

    2. Select Something Comfortable

    This step builds functionality into the outfit because if you’re uncomfortable in your clothes, you won’t wear them. It’s important to clarify the difference between being comfortable and being sloppy. When you’re comfortable, your garments feel like a second skin so in essence, you are comfortable in your skin! Being sloppy is when your clothes come together without any intention, and serve the sole purpose of covering the body.

    3. Throw In The Unexpected

    I always say that the best outfits come together with an unexpected twist. That’s why I recommend having an element of surprise in what you wear. A crazy pop of color, a skirt worn as a tunic…play around to see what works. Take advantage of this opportunity to have fun and be original!!

    4. Include Your Signature

    Your signature is the statement that people come to recognize as being uniquely you. It could be a color, an accessory, a silhouette — anything that reminds you of what you love. Be careful not to confuse your signature with your same old outfit that you’ve been wearing everyday. The key difference is your same old outfit is uninspired and your signature tells people who you are.

    5. Make It Special

    Add meaning to your look by bringing in a personal touch. Jewelry goes well in this category as it often has sentimental ties. Just be sure that whatever you include in your outfit isn’t too tiny that it can’t be seen. Make it noticeable!

    6. Complete The Look

    There are two ways to approach the final step. The first is to ensure that your outfit is technically complete — meaning it has at least 3 style elements. I like to teach my styling clients to go beyond the rules and technicalities though, so they trust their inner knowing and can feel when their look is complete. Ultimately you want your outfit to feel a certain way, and to know you’re making your best styling choices.

    Click play to watch me shop my closet for a NYE outfit!

    Shop Your Closet So You Don’t Waste Money And Time

    Shopping your closet should be simple, productive and fun, but it will be difficult if your wardrobe is overwhelming or you have too many clothes in the way. That’s why it’s important to keep your closet up to date — not just with what you’ll wear, but with who you’ve become. This means taking inventory on the latest changes you’ve gone through (like your body, your taste and your roles in life), and letting go of everything that no longer serves.

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