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A Better Way To Refine Your Style For The New Year

    The new year is a beautiful time for starting fresh with an updated style, but how about trying something different for 2023? Rather than attempting the typical ‘new year new you’ resolution, do this instead…

    Embrace and celebrate your true self, and let that shine through your style choices. So rather than stressing about everything being new, refine your style to match your unique personality. When you express yourself through your fashion choices, you’ll naturally radiate confidence which makes a powerful statement. Then when people compliment you they’ll say “WOW! YOU LOOK AMAZING”, not just “Nice outfit.

    That’s the magic of effortless style!

    To help enhance your 2023 style so you feel effortless in what you wear, here are 3 steps to get you started.

    1. Find Your Fashion Favorites

    Effortless style starts by being happy with what you wear. But many women struggle with this because they forget what they truly love or they continue to wear items they used to love, even after their taste has changed. Think back to a time when you felt great in your outfit. What were you wearing? Describe it to yourself. Then see what you have in your wardrobe that meets that description. Those pieces will be the foundation for your 2023 style.

    2. Look Through A Different Lens

    At this stage you may have found a few favorites from your wardrobe, or maybe none at all. That’s why it’s time to shift your perspective and see more possibilities. Step 2 is about trying fresh ideas with your wardrobe.

    Many women come to me for styling help because they feel stuck in a fashion rut and that’s often because they worry about trying new things. It’s okay to take risks and try something new. In fact, it’s essential for upgrading your style.

    Get inventive! Have fun mixing things up to see what unique combinations you can create. By experimenting with different styles and pairing items in unexpected ways, you may find new favorites to incorporate into your 2023 style.

    Alternatively, if you really don’t see any possibilities with your wardrobe, the goal is to get excited by fresh ideas for your style. Keep your eyes open for pieces or looks that catch your attention and feel like something you could try. (Btw, if you’re in this situation of hating all your clothes, then step 3 is crucial for you!)

    Remember, this isn’t about being someone new and wearing things that don’t feel aligned, it’s about bringing a fresh view to your wardrobe and what’s possible for your style.

    3. Let Go Of What Doesn’t Serve

    As you go through your wardrobe, you might realize there are a lot of pieces that you don’t love or even like. This is totally normal! Our closets get cluttered with stuff that we don’t want to wear anymore, whether it’s clothes that don’t fit our current identity, size, or lifestyle. These items are getting in the way of your 2023 style. Let them go! By decluttering your closet, you free up the space to focus on finding clothes that truly reflect your style and how you want to present yourself in the new year.

    Your Refined New Year Style

    The best way to refine your style for 2023 is to embrace and showcase who you truly are and let that be reflected in how you dress. Be sure to focus on wearing only clothes that you love, experiment with fresh ideas and get rid of anything that doesn’t suit you anymore. These are the steps to exude effortless style!

    Want help finding YOUR look so getting dressed becomes a breeze? Go here to book a complimentary call and we’ll discuss your unique situation and how I can help you feel incredible in your clothes.

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