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What Would Happen If…


    **I took 3 deep breaths. Then responded to the situation
    **I went beyond what they expected. And what I expected.
    **I made eye contact with a stranger. Then smiled
    **I completely stopped what I was doing…to listen.
    **I found the awe in the everyday. And let it fill me.

    I’m going to try to do at least 3 of these today.

    What little things can you do today to light up your soul ?

    2 thoughts on “What Would Happen If…”

    1. SirenaTales

      TT, We are on the same wavelength (again). Just back from taking one of my kids to trombone lessons. When I headed off to buy coffee for my husband, I turned to the young man behind me and offered to buy his drink. Both he and the barista were so appreciative–a very little thing, but I hope perked up someone’s day. At my next stop/errand, the young, male cashier blew my mind by complimenting me on my earrings and my handbag. Full stop–I looked at him and without really thinking, I said, “You must be an artist.” Wow, did he light up…and proceed to tell me about his artist life. So, I think I will take my cue from you and let the awe from everyday, including this beautiful post, fill me. Thank you, my friend! Xoxo

    2. Wow, now I know who to stand behind in the coffee line! You are an amazing woman, ST. Thank you for sharing your kindness and generosity here. It is so appreciated! xoxo

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