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When A Little Game Of Kickball Makes A Big Impact

    It’s kinda become the norm now to see 20,  30 and (are they 40?) somethings involved in a major match of kickball complete with uniform tees and knee-high socks, to boot.  But why does this feel like a throwback?  Kickball never went away.   It’s Team Sports 101 for kids.  M plays at his school.  And I definitely played when I was little.

    There was one time I remember in complete clarity.  I was playing with the big kids on the block, friends of my older brother.  Although I assumed the pip squeak role of the bunch,  I was still allowed to join the game  — so to the outfield I went.  When one of the (really) big boys was up to kick… he ran to the ball with such ferocity compounded with big boy buoyancy that his punt took the ball straight to the sky.   It then came slamming down towards the ground, right at me!  I was frozen with fear until survivor mode kicked in.  I lifted my arms for protection….which led to something incredible.

    I caught the ball.

    Big Boy was out!   Everyone was super surprised  (me the most!) and it became the talk of Wild Olive Drive — little pip squeak had taken Big Boy out!   The heroic sentiment didn’t last.  I quickly resumed back to my original pip squeak status on the block.  But I’ll never forget what happened when my bold move blew everyone’s mind. Courage can pay off!

    Have you ever had a moment when your bold move surprised everyone, including yourself?

    (Photos: Terry Doyle, Styled by me)

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