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6 Too-Cool-For-School Backpacks To Try Today

    It just so happens that the need to update my day bag correlates with back to school season this year making my decision to go with a backpack even more apropos. It hit me on our Vancouver trip when I was carrying this pink pack every day…it was unbelievably comfortable! But the padded straps and high performance fabric said *Hiker* which is certainly not the vibe I’m trying to convey in the city.

    I’m looking for black leather. And now that this style is ubiquitous (perhaps since The Row dropped their $35,000 version), there’s no shortage of awesome looking options to sling over both shoulders.

    Here are 7 of the best backpacks to buy today.
    At a cool 1k, this one, seems like a bargain. While I won’t be shelling out that kind of dough, I will keep its fine design in mind when looking at others in the more affordable range.

    Slouchy shapes, like this, are my favorite. With its clean lines and easy to fasten drawstrings, I’d have no trouble looping it in with my wardrobe.

    Drifting away from black may be the call…especially if it’s a plum bordeaux I’m heading towards. I bet this one would wear really well from now all the way through winter.

    I’m a huge fan of Liebeskind…I’ve got four of their bags! The thin straps on this backpack would feel light on my shoulders, and the side pockets would be perfect to stash my stuff.

    I’m loving the chain link thing going on with this. It adds the right amount of rock n roll to the soft and quilty body.

    A square shape and fold over flap, like this usually says satchel, but in this case it feels like a looser variation — a little less school-girl and a lot more cool.

    How do you feel about backpacks?

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    11 thoughts on “6 Too-Cool-For-School Backpacks To Try Today”

    1. Elysha, you just saved me hours of scouring stores and websites looking for just the right backpack for my fall citibike excursions!! Thank you so much! I just ordered it and I will have it tomorrow (love amazon prime). Yay!

    2. Looove backpacks! I used to not have them and I go for slings… the world shifted and now I wonder why it took me til this time lol
      Don’t have a black leather one though. I have a weird rose-colored one I use for flights as carry on – not great though when you’re wearing sleeveless digging into my skin.
      Thank you for this, Elysha! I just might do some online shopping. xo

    3. Maia, I was only using my backpack for flights and travel as well, and it was on my summer trip that I realized I could wear them every day! So comfy!! Glad you enjoyed the post…love having you here. xoxo

    4. I always thought backpacks were for kids…now I realise how wrong I was :). I like the last one.

    5. They’re not just for kids anymore! And since they’re so practical, perhaps they could be a good fit for you. ????

    6. You are so right my friend :). I’m going to be looking for one!

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