3 Outfit Ideas For The Par-Tay!

3 Outfit Ideas For The Par-Tay!

For all your holiday fetes, consider these styles as a starting point for what you’ve got.

jumpsuit  | shoes  | cuff  | earrings

dress  | boots  | bag



dress |  shoes |  earrings

What do you think? Which look would you wear?

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  1. kamari2001@yahoo.com' Runwright says:

    All gorgeous outfits. I love the green dress but I probably wouldn’t wear the cutouts myself although I actually have those shoes that you styled it with. Dress #2 matches my actual style though.

  2. I would happily prance around in all of them!

  3. And I’m sure you’d look amazing! xo

  4. I love those shoes! I hope you get a lot of use from them. I’m probably a #1 kind of girl.

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