Does Music Belong In The Yoga Room?

Does Music Belong In The Yoga Room?

Back when I first started practicing yoga there was all this hoopla around what type of music, if any should be played in a yoga class. Like, should only Gregorian chants be acceptable? Or can there be some Krishna Das added to the mix? And what about the classics, like John Lennon or U2? Surely, there’s nothing bad about these guys. And how about Bjork? Or Radiohead? Where do they fit in? I think that some of the yoga purists felts that modern music would interfere with the lineage, and it would disrupt (or distract from ) the whole point of the practice. But I think playing music adds to the benefits of yoga.

Here’s why:

Music raises the energy.
Now just to clarify — there’s a time and place for all types of music. I don’t think White Lines works well with yoga. But Kashmir can be the perfect prescription for a sleepy sun salutation. And when my first downward dog of the day is greeted by Everybody Loves The Sunshine, I get pumped! I’ll stretch and lengthen my body right up to that higher vibration.

Music brings up the stuff.
You know, the uglier stuff that we try to keep down. Today I had all sorts of judgement coming up over a song (he’s playing a cover of John Lennon? How can he think that this would be better than the original?) I must try to find acceptance. And it’s not always easy when there’s a follow-up of an Across the Universe cover. (Really? Another one?)

Oh also, there’s that music to memory connection. Most familiar songs connect us to memories which definitely can pull up stuff, like major emotions.

Music provides a direct path to the soul.
When I allow a song to sink into my body, it helps me go deeper into my practice. The music is the catalyst for my mind, body and soul to connect. And that’s the union I’m talking about.

What do you think? Does playing music in class add to the benefits of yoga?

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  1. I think it does, but then, I find music inspiring.

  2.' candidkay says:

    I love music when exercising but I think when doing yoga–I want to get into and out of my body at the same time, if that makes sense. So, I need music that does that. Either really grounds me or takes me into the ether:). Not the normal stuff I hear every day.

  3. I agree, Michele…Music is incredibly inspiring!

  4. I would not want to hear the same music I hear on the radio, all that pop stuff which my kids love. I actually think pop music would overpower the yoga, and make me tense ?.

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