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3 Surefire Ways To Bring Yourself Into The Present

    Photo by Yohan M. from Flickr

    Photo by Yohan M. from Flickr

    It doesn’t matter that I’ve been serious with yoga for years.  Or that I have some semblance of maintaining a meditation practice.  The simple solitary act of staying present – here and now – still eludes me.


    I guess you could say that my mind operates on a higher octane.  Whether it’s dreaming of a better tomorrow, or remembering what could have been…it’s kind of mind numbing knowing how out of control my mind actually is.

    So what’s an action oriented girl do to get back with the moment?

    Seize it!

    Here’s what never fails in instantly grabbing my attention.

    Kids’ Laughter

    M & G’s little laughs always escort me into the now.  The pure sweetness reverberating with their giggles is the best thing ever.  A moment not to be missed.


    Yesterday it was Lovely Day by Bill Withers. I was wilting away at my desk when the song popped up on KCRW. I immediately stopped, stood up and sang my heart out!  And no matter where I am, or what I’m doing, Radiohead always has the come-hither effect on my brain. Their songs continually pull me out of my head and deliver me straight to the present.


    Yes, this one goes head to head (body & soul?) with music. And it works, one hundred percent! Getting into my body ALWAYS gets me out of my head. Which puts me in the moment.

    And when none of the above are within reach, there’s always yoga and meditation to help guide the way.

    What’s your sure-fire strategy of pulling yourself into the present?

    11 thoughts on “3 Surefire Ways To Bring Yourself Into The Present”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      I have spent so much energy being stressed out about: Why am I not living the present; Why wasn’t I mindful in that missed moment; Why didn’t I smell the roses; Where is my Carpe Diem…….yada yada……more self lectures in my head about the last thing for which I wasn’t “all in”. My new rule is: CHILL and stop the TRYING SO HARD to BE PRESENT and then maybe I will just look out the window and see something nice.

    2. I agree, GGW — the self lectures can become a real headache. Your new rule sounds like a great solution!

    3. SirenaTales

      Elysha, Love your methods for inducing being present. Of course, music and absolutely DANCING are two of my faves. I also like girlgatheringwisdom’s insight about not trying so hard…what a refreshing idea. Thanks for another lively, wise post. xxo

    4. That’s right, Terry — time will never be still. But our ability to find stillness in our day helps face the time (or moment) with more ease. Thank You! I appreciate your thoughtful response.

    5. Music + dancing –> definitely my faves as well!! And maybe it’s because when engaged with these things…we are not trying so hard!! x x Thank you, ST! x x

    6. Your opening photo is gold 🙂
      Beauty usually stops me in my tracks. As do the things you mentioned although not radiohead 🙂
      It’s a life’s work, for sure.

    7. I practice yoga. I ride my bike. I walk my dog – this one, he totally yanks me to the present being a 120-lb lab haha!

      Music often takes me somewhere, then I dance and totally gets me out of the rut but I often feel it’s not grounding me since I imagine myself somewhere else other than my kitchen floor. 😉

      But by all accounts, outdoors, nature… this one takes me to the now. Other than that, my yoga mat. xo

    8. A 120lb dog is an excellent way to get yanked into the present… I never thought of that one!! I love when my yoga mat takes me to the now though it doesn’t always happen…I guess that’s one of the reasons I keep practicing. 🙂 x x

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