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6 Swimsuits To Try This Summer

    This season finds me a bit desperate for new swimwear.

    Since I’m not really a beach-y or poolside person, splurging on a cute suit has never been a priority. My last purchase, from four years ago, has held up pretty well. But just after wearing a winter coat for multiple seasons…when it’s done, I’m done, and it’s time for something new. I’m now at that point in my bathing suit situation.

    Here are 6 swimsuits, I’m seriously considering.
    Back in the day, sporting a bikini was a no brainer. Then I switched it up to one pieces. But I’ve never loved that feeling of wet fabric on my stomach. So this year, I’ve decided to return to two pieces, but with one hitch — the bottom must be hi-rise. Fortunately, that’s a thing this season so there are plenty of options to peruse. I’m loving the colors and silhouette on this one.

    But that’s not to say, a one piece won’t work for me anymore. Especially when it’s like this with that cool design going on.

    A hip hugger – like this— would be ok if it was balanced by long sleeves. That less sunscreen would be necessary is just an added bonus.

    When shopping for swimwear, JCrew is always worth a visit. With so many variations and combinations, there’s sure to be one to suit your needs. I’m digging the wonder woman vibe on this one.

    But the reality is, I’ll probably wear it just a couple times all summer. Which is why the classic silhouette and reasonable price tag on this one may be the way to go.

    Then again, if I’m going to wear the same one for four years… why not make it something absolutely amazing, like this?!?!

    What is your go-to swimsuit?

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