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3 Ways To Create More Space To Hear The Quiet Within

    3 Ways To Create More Space To Hear What You’re Supposed To |

    3 Ways To Create More Space To Hear What You’re Supposed To |
    The other day, I couldn’t stop staring at this post on instagram which normally wouldn’t be considered a big deal because I often see cool sh!t in my feed. But this one was different. It wasn’t the colorful cheer I usually linger on. It was mostly a blank screen aside from three words –allow white space — written in an ordinary font. So simple and straightforward, yet mesmerizing.

    Later, while watching Inside The Writers’ Room, I was again caught up on one tiny sentence. It came from one of the Breaking Bad writers who was talking about their process. He said that it was in the silences when their words spoke. Again, I got stuck on a sentence.

    Words Spoken in Silence

    Once I put it the two sentences together, the message became clear —I needed to allow some space for silence. And once I do that, I’ll be able to hear my inner voice, the small still voice within, that tells me all I need to know.

    As it turned out, last week was incredibly challenging to find space for silence. The kids were on mid-winter break so there was little time for myself. And forget about silence when they’re around. (Imagine the sound of a ball going up against the door every 5 minutes, and you’ve heard the soundtrack of my week.)

    But I managed to do it…

    Here’s how I found ways to create space for silence.

    1. Woke Up Earlier
    This is my go-to technique. Although with the kids on break, it wasn’t easy. Who wants to wake up at 6am when you don’t have to? Not me! So early was closer to 7:30. Often M was awake when I came out (he’s an early bird too!), but he’d be quietly reading. Or on his iPad. I could still have time alone to start my day silently.

    2. Scheduled It In
    Though I couldn’t get to yoga or meditation classes regularly, I did still get there. By buying sessions in advance I’m encouraged to find time on the schedule when I can attend. When I commit to something financially, I’m way more apt to stick with it. On the other days, when taking class wasn’t do-able, I set a reminder on the phone for my home practice…and honored it.

    3. Took The Long Way Home
    After the kids and I saw Untapped, we decided to walk home instead of taking the train. While it didn’t provide space to hear my inner voice, it was a nice way for me and the kids to connect…which was obviously what I needed to do.

    How do you allow space for silence?

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    (image via this_splendid_life instagram)

    8 thoughts on “3 Ways To Create More Space To Hear The Quiet Within”

    1. Hi, Elysha,
      I have never had a silent brain. “She” is always talking to me. Sounds crazy, I know….but all true. I have worked hard to just about eliminate negative self talk, but there is always analysis, new ideas, recaps, going on. Instead of fighting it I accept it and have figured out that if I can have conversations with actual people (which includes listening on my part) I might be able to get some white space and words spoken in silence. Thanks for helping to style my soul.

    2. Hi Penny, I agree that acceptance is a great strategy. By making room for those voices to exist we are in some ways creating space. Thank YOU!

    3. I really like this post. I really like how it slowly manifested in you, like some creepy stalker sending you goosebumps. Big difference is, we love this kind of stalking. 😉
      Another thing is I love creating spaces. You remember my post back from the holidays?? Whether it’s a physical cleaning up, calm walking out with nature, or a deep meditation as sitting to let thoughts be… spaces allow us to breathe freely, less constrictions of everyday hassles. Who ever heard of a hoarder in tune with themselves? So why keep hoarding physical stress, emotional baggage, mental fatigue?
      I’ve missed your posts, sweets! xoxo

    4. michele anderson

      When you go to bed at night is a great time to clear your mind and make room for silence. That’s what I do every night. Without that silence I wouldn’t be able to write. Sometimes I will ask the Universe and my guides what I should write and in the stillness of the night it will come to me.

    5. Hi Maia! I do remember your post back from the holidays! I love how you tie in the physical / clutter aspect in regards to space…so true that hoarding definitely clogs up a spacious vibe! And now that I think of it, often when the kids are on school break I end up having a decluttering session…to create the space I’m not getting from my regular yoga / meditation!

      I hope you had an amazing trip in the UK. Will head over to your blog and see if you’ve posted something since your return. x x o o

    6. What a synchronistic post, Elysha. Thanks so much for the reminder….which I also received earlier today when a huge owl flew into the tree across the marsh, signaling the need to be still and silent to allow wisdom to be heard. I love your idea of scheduling white space…I often put something like that on my to-do list, but to be truthful, I don’t always stick to it :). Right now I am going to go in to my rarely quiet living room and be still for awhile. xoxo

    7. Hi Chloe!

      Thank you for sharing that beautiful image of the huge owl in the tree across the marsh. What a view! And I’m right with you…I may put silence on the to-do list, but don’t always get to it. Unfortunately, it’s the easiest thing to blow off.

      I hope you are well and settling in nicely to your new digs. xoxo

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