4 Ways To Know If Your Wardrobe Still Fits In Size + Style

4 Ways To Know If Your Wardrobe Still Fits In Size + Style

With the new season cueing my seasonal closet cleanse, it’s time to reclaim my summer wardrobe from hibernation, and reassess its status within my lifestyle. Moving on from my sartorial beloveds is never an easy task– each year there’s a stash of survivors that continually squeeze past the edit (my grandmother’s Pucci jumpsuit is leading the pack amongst the ongoing closet-occupiers). But for the most part, I take an honest look to determine what still fits in size and style. It all comes down to serious inquiry.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself In A Closet Cleanse

1. Where will you wear it next?
Whenever I make a new purchase, the condition with myself is I must wear it within a week. This immediately tells me if the item fits into my lifestyle. You can do the same with something in your closet now. Would you wear it to dinner with your friends this weekend? To Wednesday’s uptown client meeting? To the school field trip? To go dancing? If you’re coming up with places that don’t exist in your lifestyle (do you even go dancing?)…then it’s time to let go of that piece. Be completely honest as you size up your schedule.

2. How does it make you feel?
Once you put the piece of clothing on, figure out how you feel. Confident? Comfortable? Happy? And then think about how it feels literally? Are the shoulders too tight so you can’t really lift your arms? Are the sleeves too cumbersome that they would get in the way of your daily doings? The garment should elicit a reaction. That’s not to say we have to get OTT about every item in our closet — (WOW, this basic burgundy pullover is AMAZING!!!) But every piece will effect how you’ll feel for the day, like my burgundy pullover– its versatility relaxes me. When I put it on, I know I can pair it with most everything in my wardrobe which completely relieves the pressure of getting dressed.

3. Why are you keeping it?
Forget about why you bought it, and how much you spent– why do you want this piece of clothing now? It’s hard to let go of something you spent a lot of money on, or represents a certain period in your life. Since I’m no longer in my single and ready to mingle phase, I can give up my supershort shorts. It may be tough to say good bye, but by holding on it’s cluttering my closet with misrepresentations of who I am. On the other hand, my burgundy pullover adds effortlessness into my morning which has huge value for my lifestyle.

4. What do you want it to say about you?
This is really important; our clothing makes a huge statement in not only our style, but in who we are–it’s a chance to express ourselves authentically. When I put on my Minecraft-y printed pants, I’m saying I have fun getting dressed by playing with prints and color. On the contrary, when I wear my burgundy pullover — it says I like to keep things simple, even classic. Think of your outfit as an extension of your personality.

How do you determine if a piece of clothing still fits in your size and style?

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    my closet (and me) definitely need this!

  2. Oh good! Wishing you and your closet a very happy closet cleanse 🙂

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