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Tuesday’s Tip: Get Outside + Into Nature

    IMG_5867For those who live in more rural areas, hanging out in nature is built into the lifestyle. But for us city kids — we must make more of an effort to take in its grace.

    Last weekend the fam + I headed uptown to Central Park where fall was peaking. The leaves, a collage of jewel toned gorgeousness, blanketed the background with a warm gaze. We climbed rocks, chilled out by the lake and took a boatload of photos to capture it all.

    What struck me most, alongside the natural beauty, was the quiet I felt within. My awareness went to the small stuff –sounds I may not normally notice like ducks splashing nearby, and leaves rustling off the branches. It didn’t matter there were crowds of people weaving in and around my space. By tuning into the big picture, the energy of nature — I had connected in mind, body and soul.

    There are many paths to stillness. (The more you discover, the better!)
    When tapped into nature, my teeny place within the greatness gets linked up to its source.

    How often do you tap into the magic of nature in your life?

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    8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tip: Get Outside + Into Nature”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      Thank you, Elysha, for the reminder! I often forget to embrace nature. When I do remember……there is most definitely positive energy out there. Your topics are magnificent and carry their own special positive energy!!!!

    2. SirenaTales

      Lovely post, Elysha, especially your awareness of the “stuff” that may be small, and yet amazing. I am blessed to be able to go out into nature often, every day…and be recharged and comforted by her beauty, mystery, majesty. Thank you! xoxo

    3. Thank you so much, GGW! Your comments carry their own positive energy as well. I appreciate your feedback.

    4. Pretty often – I’m one of those lucky rural souls. Gorgeous photo and imagery xo

    5. You are a lucky, rural soul, Sara! This photo was taken back in August in Northern CA…sadly, it was the last time I got to fully commune in nature. Which is why it’s even more important that I take-in whatever bit of nature whenever I can get it. Thank goodness for Central Park! And thank YOU for your comment!
      x x

    6. It is a blessing, ST to have nature at your doorstep (which I have gathered you do– from some of your posts). This type of recharge is so fulfilling– her beauty, mystery ( <-- I LOVE this!) and majesty make for one awesome energy. Thank you for your presence-- your wisdom is much appreciated. x x

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