5 Coats To Cozy Up With For Winter

5 Coats To Cozy Up With For Winter

For some reason, every time November rolls around I become obsessed with buying a new coat. I realize it’s not practical — the winter jacket is supposed to be something that lasts for years…

But still it happens.

As the item that gets worn to death all season, it’s easy to tire of its look. Plus shopping for coats is fun.

Here Are 5 Coats I’m Currently Craving:


The furry look is everywhere these days. And though I tend to lean towards the faux offerings in this department, I’m loving the sheer volume this kind of coat provides. This is the one I’m dying for. But would probably go for something more something like this.


As a staple in an NYC winter, it’s nice to have options – like this –  that go beyond the down coat basics.


A girl can dream, right? However, if I did end up with this jacket…I better not be buying a new one next year. This thing’s $$$$!


We all know how dreary winter gets so why not be bright and lighten up everyone else’s mood in a coat like this? Bonus points for putting florals in the mix.


The retro meets menswear vibe on this one makes sense for my wardrobe, and will allow for plenty of layering underneath — an essential for winter style.

What do you think? Which one suits you?

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  1. micheleanderson98@yahoo.com' michele anderson says:

    Those are all so cool! I like the first and the last one the best.

  2. info@mandie.tv' Mandie says:

    That shearling one is to die for! I love it! This post ALMOST made me miss living in a cold climate! 😉

  3. Yeah, I don’t think a cold climate is something many wish for. Though I agree, that coat is enticing.

  4. Thanks Michele! I love the color on the first one. Though it hasn’t gotten so cold here yet!

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