Meditate On This (And Know Your Next Move In Life)

Meditate On This (And Know Your Next Move In Life)

Since it’s Halloween, I thought I’d dive into the mystical with this meditation I’ve been into lately for the Third Eye.
I found it in an app, and I keep coming back to it because it’s strengthening my intuition.

The Third Eye is located between the brow.
In chakra talk, it’s the sixth or Ajna chakra.
And in the human body, it’s the pineal gland — scientifically explored, yet still shrouded in mysticism.

In yoga, for years I’ve placed my prayer hands at the Third Eye before bowing my head to close practice. But it wasn’t until recently, that I became more connected to this space, and it’s because of the meditation.

It’s more visual.
Often we use the breath as an anchor in meditation, but this program uses vast imagery as the guide to get me out of my head.
It opens me up to something greater where my petty problems seem silly.

Sometimes I’ll sit a little longer, after the meditation has ended, to search for clarity in a situation.
I did this yesterday, and while it was challenging to hold the space, the insight broke through.

There are many, many reasons to practice meditation — better sleep, stress reduction and increased energy sit high on my list.
But heightened awareness for strengthened intuition is a gift that keeps giving —
your best guide ever, the most trusted source of information.

And really, it’s all you.

Click here to check out the Third Eye meditation.

What do you know about the Third Eye?

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Elysha Lenkin
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  1. Madhuri says:

    Love to have gotten to know you via the hop. I was so intrigued to read about your concept of intuition and third eye. While it’s so common and easier to go with logic while making decisions, I’m one of the those who relies on gut feeling. It makes it harder but in retrospect, I know it’s always the right decision. Will check out the video and app this evening.

  2. Great getting to know you too!
    I agree, that when going with the gut, it’s usually the right decision. Just harder to tap into that insight sometimes.
    Thank you, Madhuri!

  3. Mandie says:

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing! I got my chakras read on a recent trip to Baltimore, and it was fascinating. I too did yoga and thought only a bit about the third eye. I will have to check that out!

  4. Oh wow, I would love to have my chakras read…that’s sounds so fun and insightful. Thank you, Mandie!

  5. Chloe Carlson says:

    Hello there, Elysha. Thanks so much for this timely and beneficial post! I have been practicing the Third Eye meditation that you cite and it has been tremendous. Wishing you tranquility and mucho joy. xoxo

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  7. Hi ST! So nice to see you. I’m glad you have been practicing the 3rd Eye Meditation…I think it is quite powerful.
    I hope all is well with you and your family. Xoxo

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