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5 Meditation Apps To Help Get You Meditating

    5 Meditation Apps To Help You Meditate |

    5 Meditation Apps To Help You Meditate |
    Most meditation practices, like any exercise or physical routine, go in stages. Sometimes you’re in it– ready to rock and roll, and then other times… not so much.

    And even when the body arrives on the cushion, if your mind isn’t also showing up – you’re not meditating!

    When my mind starts slacking – or in this case slips into wandering mode – my practice could use a little boost. And if you know what I mean (having a wandering mind during meditation) you may find these apps useful.

    Here are 5 meditation apps to try today.

    Insight Timer
    I’ve posted on this one before because it is my favorite. With a whole host of options ranging from basic mindfulness practices to Shamanic Drum Voyages, it’s easy to find something that intrigues. Often, I select my program based on the time knowing that pretty much any of these teachers will satisfy.

    Meditation Made Simple
    It’s no secret Russell Simmons is all about a meditative break. His book Success Through Stillness is a great gateway into the practice. And now there’s an app to put the practice to work. It’s super straightforward and easy to use for both beginners and experienced meditators. With a 10 minute or 20 minute option to choose from, this one could easily roll into my daily rotation.

    Incorporating visual elements into its program, this one offers several different landscapes like mountain lake or silent clouds along with programs that include basic body scans and 21 day challenges. You could also just use the timer if you’re up for doing it on your own.

    I actually learned about this one from! There’s a beginners series along with several other categories including one for kids and another with 5 minute meditations. Note that many of these are add-ons that cost a buck or two. I ended up tuning into a lovely light filled exercise led by Gabrielle Bernstein which proved to be a nice morning pick-me-up.

    Take A Break
    There are two choices in this one — work break for 7 minutes or stress relief for 13 minutes. The background sounds are adjustable so you decide how much volume you like. Embedded within this app is a paid offer for a walking meditation which could be great for those who literally can’t get seated to meditate.

    Looking for more meditation help for beginners? Checkout these suggestions here.
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    2 thoughts on “5 Meditation Apps To Help Get You Meditating”

    1. Happy Christmas, Elysha!!

      I’ve tried several meditation techniques, not one from apps though. But the one that really made me sit still and lasted for 45 minutes?? It was during my Ashtanga training. I swear… my lower half of the body was numb! Lol
      We are actually encouraged to try Silent Retreats, 3-5-9 days, maybe some are longer. It scares the crap out of me! But then again… once that fear sets in, we all know it is what we need.

      Enjoy the holidays, sweets. xoxo

    2. Silent retreats scare the crap out of me too! I imagine it probably feels like forever when you’re in it, but is actually a fast track to your true self. The Ashtanga meditation was my first experience with sitting…it always felt the real fruit of the practice after plowing through the primary series. Happy Holidays, Maia! Wishing you beauty and stillness in the New Year! xo xo xo xo

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