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How To Style Yourself For New Year’s Eve

    How To Style Yourself For NYE |

    With the huge holiday coming up, you may be wondering what to wear. And because this particular evening often carries extra pressure — to look 100% amazing, a slight panic could set in when trying to pull your outfit together.

    You want to look special, wearing something beyond your everyday uniform. Yet you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in something that’s just not you. So whether you’re out and about on the town, or next door at your neighbor’s get together, these simple to-dos will help you do it well.

    Here’s how to style yourself for NYE.

    How To Style Yourself For NYE |

    Be You, But A Bit More Dramatic

    If you live in jeans most days, and the thought of wearing a dress doesn’t feel right… then don’t! Zip yourself into a jumpsuit, a tried and true staple in evening wear. Sure, it’s not the most accessible garment for trips to the bathroom. But it will allow you to go pretty low when the limbo comes out.

    How To Style Yourself For NYE | elyshalenkin.comAlways Add-On Some Sparkle

    Go glam with your accessories by making a statement that’ll get you noticed. If you’re wearing your hair up, put on a pair of serious drop earrings. Or load up on the rings for Hello-Dahling fingers. Think OTT for your OOTD…. remember, it is NYE, afterall.


    How To Style Yourself For NYE | elyshalenkin.comStep Into An Awesome Pair Of Shoes

    While I’d never advocate anything agnozing, I do know the power of a killer shoe. Platforms are my faves to balance out a high heel. But anything metallic will say party on!

    How To Style Yourself For NYE |


    Go Glittery On Your Roots

    Riding high on the tween teen radar, the glitter roots trend totally appeals to my inner Bjork. It’s fun. It’s festive. And it’s definitely age appropriate on NYE!

    What are you wearing on NYE?

    (Glitter roots image via: thefoxandthehair)

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    4 thoughts on “How To Style Yourself For New Year’s Eve”

    1. SirenaTales

      Oooo, I didn’t know about the glittery roots trend! And I do love sparkle. Thanks for the tip. Our plans just changed, so we will be heading to a house party for a bit. Wish I could be wearing some cool heels like the ones you suggest, but will need to opt for dazzle via one of my sequined numbers. Thanks for the inspiration to get going on something celebratory. Happy New Year to you, O Stylish One! xxox

    2. I’m sure you dazzled brightly, ST! Because as you know…that stuff starts on the inside. Wishing you a year full of sparkling goodness in 2016! x x o o

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