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5 Ways To Start The Day With Confidence

    Build confidence into your day by starting off with a simple morning routine that is sure to get you started on the right foot. Click through for my morning routine tips!

    Build confidence into your day by starting off with a simple morning routine that is sure to get you started on the right foot. Click through for my morning routine tips!
    There are days when we wake up feeling fab — ready to take on the world. And then there are the other days…when it all feels like too much. And while we can’t control everything that impacts our mood (like the weather), there is plenty we can do to inject a little optimism into our morning. In order to look good, you’ve got to feel good. And confidence is the key to both.

    Here are 5 to-dos to build confidence into your day.

    1. Wake Up A Little Earlier
    Give yourself time to get grounded into the day. Sip your coffee in silence, or write whatever comes to mind in a journal. This extra space in your morning can generate a calmer disposition.

    2. Exercise or Do Yoga
    It’s a fact — getting the body to move creates an uplift in mood and spirit, a total confidence builder.

    3. Choose Your Outfit Beforehand
    I like to visualize what I’ll wear in the shower–it makes getting dressed much easier, and completely eliminates that whole closet frenzy which without a doubt diminishes confidence.

    4. Go To Sleep Earlier The Night Before
    When I wake up tired everything feels like a drag from the puffiness around my eyes to the edginess around my mood. We usually have lights off before 11 in our home (kids much earlier) to ensure 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night. The body needs this!

    5. Give Gratitude
    I’ve got this little practice…it only takes two seconds, but it’s incredibly effective. When I step out of bed each morning, I put both feet on the ground, and remember something I’m grateful for. It’s just a simple way to add some pep into your step.

    What morning rituals do you have that build confidence?

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    6 thoughts on “5 Ways To Start The Day With Confidence”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      For me it is behavior the night before. I have suffered with binge eating at night. There is nothing better to wake up, open your eyes and be able to say, YES!!!!!……..meaning that my control won over the urge. Anybody who has been there knows that it can mean a day filled with confidence.

    2. I think the key is to accept what we can’t change, like the weather and daylight savings

    3. SirenaTales

      Good morning, my wise friend. Thanks so much for this–yup, am having one of those down mornings after a very rough night. But I did wake up grateful for being alive–your suggestions will help me build on that :). Have a fantabulous day! xoxo

    4. GGW, I know what you mean. I agree that exhibiting self control the night before (or doing anything that’s in alignment with your true self) can definitely carry over into the next morning and ultimately show up as confidence. Thank you!

    5. Yes, acceptance which propels the ability to move on more peacefully + (hopefully) with confidence. Thanks so much, Sara.

    6. Good morning to you too, my friend-ST! The thing I’ve noticed when I wake up after a rough night…there’s plenty of time to turn it around. I hope you’re able to do that at some point today. xoxo

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