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Meditation Is Tough: Here’s 3 Tools To Get Started (Or Keep At It)

    To help establish a meditation practice, consider trying these 3 tools to find more consistency and enthusiasm to keep at it.

    To help establish a meditation practice, consider trying these 3 tools to find more consistency and enthusiasm to keep at it.
    It’s been good times over here with my meditation practice, and I want to share what’s been working to help you start sitting consistently.
    For the past week (yes, it’s only been 7 days, but I’m still feeling optimistic) I’ve managed to make time to sit still and watch what happens.

    But this time around (yes, there have been several attempts at sustaining this practice) something is different…I’m having help. And I’m noticing a big difference because of it.

    First off, it’s not all on me to know how to meditate. Having instruction along the way is both informative and encouraging.

    Second, it places some structure around the practice. There’s a very clear line of beginning and end. No room for my usual procrastinations (like manually removing every dust bunny from underneath the couch…seriously, sometimes I’ll do anything to not meditate).

    And lastly, it’s prompting a little routine. I haven’t yet commit to the same time each day (so difficult with my erratic schedule), but because of the extra help, I’m motivated to just do it when I can.

    Here’s what’s been helping me in my meditation practice:

    1. Attending Class
    Immediately following the 7:45am yoga class is a meditation group. For $5 I can stay, receive instruction and benefit from practicing with others. It’s AWESOME!

    2. Smiling Minds
    This app is fantastic! There are different brackets which accommodate specific age groups. The adult version is nice. But I really adore the 7-11 year old program. The Bubble Journey was a huge hit with M & GL. They’re actually requesting meditation!

    3. The Interdependence Project: 21st Century Buddhism
    My meditation instructor turned me onto this podcast. It goes a bit deeper than the other apps I suggested– they intertwine dharma talks with the instruction. Today’s take-away from listening was that you may not always feel it–like you’re getting the benefits of the meditation, but there is something about the act of just doing it that matters. By simply showing up, you’re getting the benefits.

    What tools do you use that keep you meditating, or what would it take for you to start meditating?

    Discover which practice is right for you by signing up here!

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    5 thoughts on “Meditation Is Tough: Here’s 3 Tools To Get Started (Or Keep At It)”

    1. SirenaTales

      Thanks very much for these useful tips, Elysha. Will def check out the link for Oprah’s and Deepak Chopra’s free session. Yay you for your practice! xoxo

    2. Damn! For some reason, sometimes my comment gets cut off at the first sentence on your blog. Dunno why that is. anyway, beautiful opening graphic by the way

    3. Thank you, ST. It feels really good to be back on track with my meditation…somehow it seems to help everything else find it’s right place. So grateful for your friendship + encouragement. Big Hug.

    4. Thank you, Sara! I really appreciate your comments– they mean a lot to me!! xo PS: It’s weird that your comment gets cut off…I’m going to blame it on mercury retrograde for now 😉

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