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5 Ways To Get Back On Track With Your Exercise Routine

    When you slack on your exercise routine you become low energy and disconnected in the mind and body.These tips will get you back on track with your workout. Click through to learn more!

    When you slack on your exercise routine you become low energy and disconnected in the mind and body.These tips will get you back on track with your workout.
    The holiday hoopla has come and gone leaving my lazy mornings and just one more attitude adrift in a sea of New Year’s resolutions. But before I can even think about making good on my aspirations, I’ve got to get myself back into the regular routine of exercise.

    These first few days have been rough. My pre-holiday 6am wake up now feels completely un-doable, therefore 7am yoga is out of the picture. I need a lazy girl’s workout hack, and I need it now. It’s time to call on some tricks to get myself back at it.

    How To Get Your Ass Back At The Gym, Or Onto The Yoga Mat

    1. Make An Awesome Playlist
    I’m all for exploring new music, but now is not the time to enlighten yourself with something unfamiliar. So if you’re thinking Hmmm, I wonder how St. Vincent’s latest album sounds— don’t go there! The comfort factor is huge when trying to motivate to do something that’s pretty…well, uncomfortable. Stick to what you know, and what you love. Aim your playlist straight for your heart. This one always pulls me back at it.

    2. Wake and Shake
    I know — hypocrite city. Though I haven’t been to the 7 am since last year, I still stand behind the early bird schedule as a major motivator. Prep your outfit the night prior so there’s not a moment to rethink your plan. It’s amazing how as the day goes on the excuses to NOT exercise expand.

    3. Update Your Workout Look
    It’s a lot more exciting to go for a run when you’re outfitting yourself in these, this and these. Just Do It!

    4. Take Your Yoga Pants + Tank To-Go
    Now that you’ve got your new look — pack it up, and put it in your bag. This will unlock the spontaneity in your workout. If you see a class you like…take it! Feel like running during lunch — make it happen!

    5. Meetup With A Friend
    I’d be lying if I said this works for me. When it comes to my exercise routine, I prefer to go solo. But if I were into working out with a buddy, this would be a no brainer…I wouldn’t want to flake out on a friend because I’m too lazy, too tired, too busy, too blah blah blah. Schedule your session with your friend.

    So what do you think? Inspired to get back on track with your exercise routine?

    Or do you need more inspo? Check out my Pinterest board here.

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    7 thoughts on “5 Ways To Get Back On Track With Your Exercise Routine”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      It’s 2015 but I, too, find myself on the corner of Lazy and Blah. I will try your tips (no major promises). But my mind is in the right place. The main reason your post today has inspired me is your HONESTY!!! Thank you for being real……that may be just what I needed.

    2. GGW, Thank YOU for your comment. I’m having a tough time getting back at it, but as you wisely point out — I’ve got my mind in the right place. Now to get the body there too…

    3. SirenaTales

      Love it, Elysha. Yay you for inspiring folks to get MOVIN’! So helpful for you to share specific tips, including, of course, the color-drenched styles that make my heart smile. I confess, I have been able to keep moving as I feel so much better when I do, especially with these dark days :/. But it has definitely been more challenging as my fave dance classes are on break. All around me I hear the same lament you bring up: folks feeling stymied about getting back to it, and unhappy as a result. Best wishes for your new year of MOVING, girl! xoxo

    4. ST, Yay You for keeping at it + dancing through these dark days — such a great way to keep the spirit lifted. Hope you’re staying warm. x x

    5. SirenaTales

      Thought of you when I was teaching last night. All I heard from regulars and newbies alike: how great it felt to be moving, how much people needed it. Thanks for your inspiration. Hope you are staying cozy, as well. Just went for a walk and that was C O L D. xoxo

    6. Yes…I’m having trouble making time for a daily yoga practice, not that it’s essential (okay it is) but at this time of year, I need that discipline, or I risk disintegration 🙂

    7. It is hard to fit everything in. I recently read a productivity blog post about creating the 3 most important tasks of the day — I’ve put yoga (or exercise) on that is absolutely a priority for me — w/o it, I too would disintegrate 🙂

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