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Let’s Chat With A Cleansing Pro

    Image: Mario Sorrenti
    Image: Mario Sorrenti

    Does the thought of a colonic make you cringe?

    It did to me.

    Back in my 20’s, my dear friend Arul Goldman introduced me to the idea. We were on one of our “programs”, you know –The Zone, or Atkins, or something else that we creatively concocted to get skinny. Arul was always 2 steps ahead of me (and everyone else) when it came to these plans. Her curiosity for nutrition developed into a passion for cleansing which ultimately convinced me to book a session for a colonic.

    The experience itself was a little weird, and uncomfortable, but it worked…it enhanced the program like none other.

    My days on the food restriction programs are over, but when I want to clean up my health routine, I call Arul for advice. Her center, SanaVita offers an array of services (including colonics!) to support balanced cleansing. And with the New Years momentum pulling us towards a better life, I asked Arul to share some of her cleansing secrets here.

    EL: Why did you decide to make cleansing your business?

    AG: Starting my own cleansing business was a long time dream of mine. Having one roof where underneath an individual could come and be embraced from all directions back to health, happiness and wellbeing was the ultimate. We all have our dreams, hopes and aspirations, and we are never certain when or how we will manifest them into reality.

    For me it took being pregnant with my first child…knowing that I would never have the courage to leave all the financial security I had, and take a chance on MYSELF after meeting my child in the flesh. I was sitting in my cushy real estate development office ending my first trimester when I heard the little voice whisper, “It’s now or never!” So I marched into my superior’s office and gave my notice.

    EL: How did you get into colon hydrotherapy?

    AG: I had spent many years struggling with fierce constipation. I had been bulimic in collage, and abused laxatives destroying my peristaltic contraction of the muscular walls of my intestines. Matter wouldn’t push through, but rather just sat and hardened– creating massive constipation. I went to the bathroom about once every 2 weeks. I felt physically unwell as well as terribly depressed. Not only was my body being poisoned, but my mind and my spirit were too.  I was learning about and doing cleanses–juice cleanses that allowed my body time to clear out the accumulated waste and start healing itself. The cleanses are really only as beneficial as the amount your body releases. The salt water flushes and enemas that were available to me only just scratched the surface.

    When I learned about colon hydrotherapy I went for my first colonic deep in the bowels of Brooklyn– about an hour outside Manhattan. This is going back to 1995– Brooklyn was not what it is today, and colon hydrotherapy was not easy to come by. When I arrived, I walked into the back room of a community center, and received my first colonic. It was an incredibly intense experience– not entirely pleasant– but incredibly productive. The heavens sang to me while I was on that table, and I knew in that moment what I wanted to do with my life.

    EL: What’s the most important thing people should know about getting a colonic?

    AG: It is incredibly powerful medicine. If administered correctly it can and will help! Whether you are dealing with a chronic problem as I was, or just looking for a general tune-up– colonics work! Any matter that is stuck inside of us is poison. Of course our bodies were originally designed to take care of all the build-up of waste naturally, but we don’t live as God intended. We are stressed, over worked, living in a polluted state, and eating less than purely. Waste build ups just as plaque builds on teeth. If used properly, colonics will help to release that accumulated waste and will help your body learn to release it better on its own.

    EL: What other types of services or activities do you recommend for healthy cleansing?

    AG: Getting rid of the toxins is step one. This includes physically, mentally and emotionally. We have other services — lymphatic drainage therapy to help release the accumulated lymph that swells in the limbs of the body, acupuncture, massage, bio feedback, along with a full holistic pharmacy to assist in health and balance. What is also crucial for a healthy cleansing regime is simply lots of water, rest, yoga, meditation, exercise, and practice of self love.

    EL: What do you think of juice cleanses?

    AG: I got started on juice cleanses. I think the world of them– they give the body a break from digesting food all day long so that it can actually go into repair mode, and start healing…it’s the best way to let go of all that no longer serves you– patterns, weight and toxins. For those that feel a juice cleanse is too much of a commitment, try a cleanse where you can still eat, but you have guidelines on what you can eat and drink (detox smoothies). We have a new cleanse that we just launched called the Primal Cleanse which is a comprehensive, science-based nutritional program designed to support safe and effective detoxification. It comes with individually wrapped packets of detox shakes and supplements. It’s totally easy to use, and not as daunting for some as a full-on juice cleanse.

    EL: Is there such thing as a quick fix when it comes to cleansing?

    AG: Sure. Doing a juice cleanse for 3 days, a week, or even 2 weeks can be pretty easy actually. All you need is the information, the supplies and the discipline. You would be amazed at how much better you can feel after just 3 days of diligence. But you will only cleanse the surface. In order to cleanse deeply, and make a CHANGE that will stick –changing patterns and habits — takes 28 days, a lot of patience and persistence. Most of us have been living with our patterns for most of our lives, and still we find ourselves in the ever turning hamster wheel. There is no easy way through these patterns, feelings, habits… you can’t get around them. The only way is to go through them directly– put yourself out of your comfort zone, do SOMETHING DIFFERENT and cleanse the crap away.THAT kind of cleansing takes a little bit of work, but will ALWAYS be worth it!

    EL: What do you look for in a cleanse, when you’re going to do one yourself?

    AG: Everyone’s needs will be different, and you will notice your own needs will change as your life changes. What I used to look for is not the same as what I look for now.  I used to look for perfection. Juices all the way, steam rooms, quiet, space, time for reflection. A retreat! And if my lifestyle still supported that I would go for it. But I no longer like to set myself up for failure, only success. Now as a single mother of 2 young children who runs her own business and needs to keep her busy life style up, I like to cleanse differently — detox shakes, a modified eliminated diet, juices, and then all the other amenities I can fit in… like steams, yoga, colonics, etc.

    EL: What’s the difference between cleansing and dieting?

    AG: Dieting is usually calorie restricted, and meant just for losing weight. While losing weight can be a pleasant bonus in cleansing, it is not the main objective. You can diet and still be filling your body with toxins. Cleansing is about giving the body a chance to clean out on a cellular level, and then flush those toxins out of the body and the mind. It encompasses so much more than just losing weight and if done right will be a spiritually enlightening journey as well.

    EL: What would you suggest to someone looking to get started on a cleanse?

    AG: Educate yourself! Read, talk to experts…get excited about it! Don’t see it as something you HAVE to do– see it as a GIFT OF OPPORTUNITY being bestowed upon you! And then figure out which way is the best way for YOU! Take what resonates from all the different sources you learn from, and put together the perfect cleanse just for you. If you have questions don’t be shy to ask for guidance and support.  Happy New Year and Happy Cleansing!

    Arul Goldman is the founder and director of SanaVita, a center for holistic cleansing. To learn more about their services or new cleanse click here.

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    4 thoughts on “Let’s Chat With A Cleansing Pro”

    1. Fascinating! I’ve never had a colonic, although if I needed to, I would do it. A really interesting interview – I love to see people passionate about what they do. I’m glad she restored her health.

    2. I’ve found that with colonics, it’s kind of like acupuncture in that it’s not just a one time thing…the best results come from committing to several sessions. It’s been awhile since I went, but was definitely something to experience!

    3. Haha- I’m a total germaphobe! I think it’s a New York city mandate to be completely skeeved out by germs. I actually never considered it with colonics though. In my experience, it felt very sanitary — in a dr. office kind of way.

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