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6 Pairs Of Sunglasses To Accessorize The Beautiful Spring Weather

    Topping off your outfit with a fresh pair of sunnies is the ultimate statement maker. The perfect complement to a beautiful day, the right pair of shades is not only an outfit boost, it’ll up your confidence as well.

    Here are 6 pairs of sunglasses I’d put on today.

    Sunglasses, like handbags and shoes, are worth the investment. Of course, you want them to look awesome, but they also should provide UV protection. The not too pointy cat eyes on this pair will sit well on most face shapes while the intricate stripe detail adds more to the meow.
    Karen Walker is known for her amazing assortment of shades — always super modern with cool details. I love the gold tone of these, and would wear them all the time — even when there’s no sun.
    e+jI’ve always wanted to sport a pair like these, but my long face isn’t a good fit. The geometric lens best belongs on someone with a round shape so it balances out their features.

    A  classic style, like a wayfarer, will work well with most people. I tend to go for a neutral color like these because it blends well with my complexion.

    Aviators will always be in. I went with this one for about 3 years, and could easily see myself back in them at any time.


    For my ultimate statement maker, I’d choose these. With pink accents and a soft print, they add just the right update for my latest spring looks.

    Which pair of sunglasses do you wear these days?


    (Big thanks to + Adrian Alston for my portrait)

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    6 thoughts on “6 Pairs Of Sunglasses To Accessorize The Beautiful Spring Weather”

    1. Ooh! I like the last pair – and I’m now wondering if I would suit those octagonal frames 🙂

    2. LOVE the geometric frames! I’d look like a weird bug in them, but on the right face they’d be amazing.

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