6 Pairs Of Sandals That Are Both Cute And Comfortable

6 Pairs Of Sandals That Are Both Cute And Comfortable

In line at Whole Foods the other day, there was a woman wearing the best sandals – they had a stacked mid-heel with an ankle strap. Sometimes this look can carry a bit of a granny vibe, but this woman’s were totally chic. She inspired me to break away from my platform game, and sent me on a mission to find the perfect chunky, mid-heel sandal.

Here’s what I came up.

6 Pairs Of Sandals To Put On While It’s Still Hot

I am obsessed with this designer. She creates a seamless combination of fun and fashionable with a twist. These sandals are my favorite (though I wanted most from their site).

Love the big buckles which make for a cool and casual look. The neutral color will be good for another month or so, but after that may feel too summer-y… hence the SALE price!

If it’s comfort that I’m after, then these are sure do the trick as this brand is known for it’s athletic feeling heels.

Okay, I realize these are moving into clog territory (which are definitely my thing), but I still think we can call them a mid-heel sandal.

I’d wear these with cropped jeans that have a raw hem because the texture and navy color of these sandals will polish the overall feel.

These would make for a nice addition to my closet. They’re classic, and would go well with pretty much all I own.

What do you think? Would you wear any of these? Tell me which ones!
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