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Do A Digital Detox To Free Up More Than Just Your Hands

    Do A Digital Detox And Free Up More Than Just Your Hands ||MindBodySoulStylist

    A digital detox is a great way to give yourself an opportunity to engage with the world beyond your fingertips, and feel more alive.
    Do you ever feel like you’re going into overdrive with your devices?

    I do.

    The ongoing compulsion to check email (three accounts),  my social feeds, and even the weather puts me in a state of blah. It’s like the typing, scrolling and gawking make me feel occupied, but really it’s zoning me out.

    And the worst part is I barely recognize the signs of succumbing to such a slump. Whenever there is a two second window of inactivity, I turn to my phone. It’s become my knee jerk reaction to the lull.

    Last week on my job I tried something new–I left my phone in the other room while I was working on set.  After the initial withdrawal of fidgety fingers, I felt liberated. Having no device to log into freed me up to connect with others, and notice what was really going on. One thing that did stand out was how obsessed everyone was with their phones. I felt like the sober person at a party with all drunks — they were all about the consumption.

    A digital detox can be as hardcore, or as subtle as you choose. You can leave your phone at home for a quick errand. Or you can stash it away for an entire day. The purpose is to pull away long enough to give yourself an opportunity to engage with the world beyond your fingertips.

    Would you ever do a digital detox?

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    12 thoughts on “Do A Digital Detox To Free Up More Than Just Your Hands”

    1. Girl Gathering Wisdom

      Hi, Elysha,
      Great topic! I am a bit older than you. Even though I am device-connected, I am a tweener ( in-between pre and post device age). I often observe people of my age group who cannot and WILL NOT do a “Digital Detox”. I see it as rude and impolite while at a dinner with face to face conversation…….there is the one person face to screen……yuck! I love technology and devices for the good parts. BUT if you can’t be present during a social situation you might miss out on that special spontaneous moment where the conversation is lovely, funny, and can never be reproduced.
      I appreciate your honesty and openness about this timely issue!

    2. GGW, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed a moment because I was looking down at my phone. Sometimes it takes the concerted effort of a detox to get on track. Thanks for sharing your thoughts – I appreciate it!

    3. Yup Elysha, the slave-master relationship we have with our tools. Another funny part or maybe not so funny is that because of the short battery life on these devises, everyone scrambles for electrical outlets to plug in. This leaves some of the best spots in the cafe open for others to occupy and enjoy.

    4. The sober person in a room full of drunks…very true analogy! I have the same pull. My rule is that when I’m out and about, I log out. When I’m home I’m on, but not after 8:30pm. It’s been helpful that I live in a mobile black spot ?

    5. Yes, I’ve seen the scurrying around the outlets at cafes and airports. I will confess to a time when I ran out of juice on my laptop, and had no charger so bought a new one just to log in. Oh well.

    6. A mobile black spot! That would be like going cold turkey — torture at first, but ultimately liberating.

    7. how wonderful to support others
      in being present for the beauty
      that is presenting itself
      at any given moment!
      somehow i manage to survive
      taking long breaks from going on-line.
      it’s amazing that my world
      is enhanced by beauty 🙂

    8. Taking long breaks from going online…I imagine everything is enhanced after these! Must try…
      Thank ? You!

    9. Chloe Carlson

      Thanks for the thoughtful and honest post, and ensuing conversation, Elysha. As sad as it makes me, it is helpful to look around and see folks glued to their phones, e.g. when seated across each other at a restaurant or while out walking on a beautiful day. Such a powerful reminder to me to keep looking out at the world around me, or if not, looking inward in mindfulness. I still check my phone too much, but since I’ve been meditating more, I’ve been plugged in less. Shine on, sister! xx

    10. michele anderson

      I’m for leaving all this stuff behind and connecting to nature. I have to get away from the computer and phone because if I stay too long I start to actually feel very tired and even sick. I don’t think we humans were ever meant to stay connected to all this stuff.

    11. Thank you, ST! I love your wise words – looking out at the world, or look inward in mindfulness…such good advice! Your comments mean so much to me- always filled with insight and wisdom. xoxo

    12. Michele, I know what you mean about feeling tired and sometimes sick from being too connected. It really is a sickness, an addiction that so many of us deal with. I’m all for leaving it behind too, and connecting to nature which I will remember as I head out on vacation next week where there will be a lot of nature to connect with. Thank YOU!

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