7 Summer Essentials To Keep You Cool

7 Summer Essentials To Keep You Cool

I can’t remember what was going on in 02 when Hot In Herre was released, but this track has made a major comeback in my shuffle. My morning runs are loving¬†the kickass¬†vibe¬†which signifies¬†a spontaneous dance party!

So the reason I start off with this Nelly track is because he’s singing my tune¬†-It’s bloody hot in here! Summer is on, and thank goodness for these essentials that keep me calm, cool and collected throughout the blazing days.

7 Summer Essentials For Keeping Cool In Every Possible Way

Go-To Hat

My favorite hat was found¬†on clearance in SoHo. It’s a hip hop thing that makes me feel kind of OG while also providing¬†major protection from the sun. I¬†prefer¬†baseball caps – like this– as my go-tos because they stay on my head for my¬†runs. Just remember, it’s all about the flat brim.

Fun Sunglasses

A no-brainer, indeed- everyone needs a solid pair of shades, particularly in summer when the rays are heavy duty. I consider sunglasses to be an investment purchase because I wear them all the time, and usually can hold onto them for years. This pair is awesome!

Not So Low Slip-Ons

Flip flops don’t work for me anymore. I can’t do the dirty feet thing that happens after wearing them allover the city. So this year I’m going with the not so low slip ons¬†instead. I love the peep toe on these, but I really love how they protect my feet from all the NYC grime.

Effective Sunscreen

If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember I posted on sunscreens last week. This is the one I’ve been using for a couple years now. It goes on a little wet, but dries off fast enough. I’ll even leave the house with just this sunscreen on because of the little tinting it has happening.

Great Book

My friend recommended this based on the sheer vulnerability the author writes with. What she didn’t mention is that he’s hilarious¬†— his words make me laugh out loud. The topic isn’t¬†something I would have sought out, but it¬†is¬†nice to move away from the self help section sometimes. This book is a fun detour.

Tasty Beverage

Omg, have you had these? I never even knew they existed until a couple weeks ago when I was in LA. So refreshing! The kids love mango, but I’m more of a purist and prefer¬†lemon. Regardless, a must have this summer!

KickAss Playlist

For your run, at-home dance party, or  any time you are looking to get your ass in gear.

What’s your absolute summer essential? Tell me in the comments below!¬†

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  1. Love those shoes!

  2. Scanlon.mc@gmail.com' Melissa Scanlon says:

    La croix are a staple in our too hot house … Coconut is our fav!!

  3. Have not tried coconut- sounds yum!!! xo

  4. Me too!

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