Modernize Your Look With These Simple Styling Tweaks

Modernize Your Look With These Simple Styling Tweaks

Yesterday I was perusing through my closet when deciding what to wear, and came across an oldie but favorite skirt from a couple years ago. The butterfly print caught my eye immediately, inspiring me to put it on. In figuring out the top, I went for another oldie but favorite – a vintage, sleeveless number in bright pink. With the outfit on, I checked myself out in the mirror, and no longer felt inspired. I felt dated. I’d created this look years ago. I guess you could say it was kind of cute, but it didn’t feel fresh. I need my look to feel fresh if I want to get the most out of my outfit (i.e. a sense of confidence). I needed to implement some simple styling techniques.

This wasn’t the first time I’d put on an oldie and favorite which didn’t truly excite. Over the spring it was with a pair of jeans, and before that it was my basic tee dress. I’d held onto these pieces because I do still love them, but there was something outdated that crept in when worn.

After a bit of playing around, I came up with a few styling tweaks that were both easy to do, and made me feel more modern.

Update Your Outfit With These Simple Styling Tweaks

Tie A Knot In It
This was the fix for my butterfly skirt and bright pink top. I learned about about it in yoga. I had noticed women were tying their tops, probably to avoid the shirt falling in their faces during inversions. So I tried it. I then did it to go with a pair of pants that has major interest at the waist – right where all my shirts were hitting. I could have tucked those tops in, but it’s so much more fun to create a little knot. I like to do it in the back, and if I don’t care about the shirt, I’ll cut a slit to make the tying easier.

Crop ‘Em
This tweak came from having my wide bottom jeans replace my skinnies as the ones to wear. Since some of the silhouettes were flared – and the super long bell bottoms weren’t working for me anymore– I had to cut them to feel current. It made a huge difference — they felt fresh! Showing the ankles is big right now so when cutting your pants, make sure to go high enough for your ankles to be seen.

Color Pop
This can be a great solution for any monotone look. Bright accessories are happening this season from pom poms to tassles and mega prints. Neckerchiefs are cool too, and this kind of color pop will definitely bring your outfit up into the now zone.

What simple styling tweaks do you do to update your look?


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