6 Pretty Scarves To Tie On In Fall

6 Pretty Scarves To Tie On In Fall

We’re having a heat wave over here in NYC, so needless to say – the 90+ degrees a day is cramping my enthusiasm for fall fashion.

So to ease slowly into the seasonal shift, let’s start with something versatile, like the scarf. Not only is it an easy way to update an outfit, it’s the perfect accessory to transition into your autumn style.

If you’re like me and have never excelled in scarf tying, you may want to check out this awesome youtube on 25 ways to wear a scarf. I’m not huge on tutorials, but this one is really fun, and totally inspired me to wrap myself in The Celebrity as she so delightfully demonstrated.

Now, I’ll just need the right scarf to get that going.

Here are 6 to tie into fall now.
DVFWhile a black turtleneck won’t be worn by me for a while, I could still pull off this neutral print with pretty much anything. I do love the clean color combo shown here so I’d pair it with a black tank and call it a day.


This one would be great when it’s still hot out since the cool color and organic cotton wouldn’t make me sweat. I could see wearing this with my denim sleeveless dress for a seamlessly transitional look.

I love a strong print, and scarves are so often embellished with this kind of beauty. Pop this lovely on with a tonal outfit for a completely fresh take on color.

A square scarf – like this– is a necessity for the so-now neckerchief, you know…that thing all the cool kids are doing these days.

While this one clearly demands to be coupled with a maxi dress in summer, a basic top and jean jacket would help your outfit say fall.

I’m loving a bold color next to the face. Just make sure you find one that flatters then tie on a soft scarf like this to add a whole other level of chic to your look.

Are you a scarf person? What’s your favorite way to tie it in on?

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  1. sara says:

    I love scarfs (and wraps, pashminas and even ponchos). I’ve worn some type of scarf every day this winter, from the long woolly knitted one I wrap around my neck in the pre dawn frost, to the square rainbow scarf that brightens up every outfit to my emerald green pashmina that a northern hemisphere friend and I share. I store all my tension in my neck, plus I have short hair and feel the cold, so a scarf is essential!

  2. You’ve got a scarf for every occasion! Love that. I never thought of wearing a scarf to ease tension in the neck — that’s an interesting idea. And yes, in the cold they are absolutely essential! Thank you, Sara!

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