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7 Scarves To Tie On In Fall

    Scarves are not only functional for keeping you warm, they add an elevated element to your outfit which can then be used to complete your look. Nowadays, they also serve as a protective layer for your face.

    When autumn first hits, I always feel a little rusty on how to tie a scarf so I brushed up on my skills. I grabbed all my scarves. and then created a style tutorial to share what I learned about tying a scarf.

    And to ensure you’ve got the right scarf this season, I’ve rounded up 7 for your shopping inspiration.

    Watch the scarf style tutorial

    Here’s 7 scarves to consider

    Let’s start with a classic, like this. It’ll add an instant upgrade to your look.

    Pop a neutral background (like a black turtleneck) with a wild animal print like this.

    This one would be great when it’s cold outside. I’m all about bundling up in cozy cashmere.

    A neutral scarf, like this one, will be easy to pair with the rest of your outfit.

    I love a bit of whimsy in my outfit, and scarves are an easy way to achieve this. Try this one —it’s floral, and that’s always a good idea.

    A square scarf – like this- is a necessity when you want to tie a neckerchief. It’s not just for the flight attendants anymore!

    I’m loving bold color near my face. Just make sure you find one that flatters your skin tone. Here’s one that would work for me.

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    2 thoughts on “7 Scarves To Tie On In Fall”

    1. I love scarfs (and wraps, pashminas and even ponchos). I’ve worn some type of scarf every day this winter, from the long woolly knitted one I wrap around my neck in the pre dawn frost, to the square rainbow scarf that brightens up every outfit to my emerald green pashmina that a northern hemisphere friend and I share. I store all my tension in my neck, plus I have short hair and feel the cold, so a scarf is essential!

    2. You’ve got a scarf for every occasion! Love that. I never thought of wearing a scarf to ease tension in the neck — that’s an interesting idea. And yes, in the cold they are absolutely essential! Thank you, Sara!

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