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Take Off Your Sweats And Put On Something Special

    When you get dressed, how often do you pass over certain pieces because you’re saving them for something special? Maybe they’re delicate and you worry about ruining them. Or you think it’ll be a waste to wear them on a regular day. So you save these items for something special, yet you’re not sure when OR IF that special day will ever come. So you end up back in your sweats.

    I know it sounds silly, but I’ve got a few pairs of socks that are too fancy for the everyday! I bought them because I loved them. But I don’t wear them because it’s never the right time. They sit in my drawer untouched.

    Then there’s the dresses. I’ve got an entire section in my closet that’s off limits because those dresses need a special event. And I’ve got no events on the calendar. So the dresses, like the socks, sit in the closet untouched as I wait for the right time.

    Click play to watch the video where I’ll debunk your biggest excuses that are keeping you from wearing your nice clothes. (I may or may not be wearing my wedding dress to prove my point 😊.)

    And read on for more style advice!

    Here’s 3 reasons to stop waiting to wear your nice clothes.

    1. I’ll wear them after the pandemic

    Waiting to wear your good stuff until after the pandemic seems practical, on the surface. Because who wants to waste their fancy socks on a zoom happy hour when no one will see them? Or why should I risk looking ridiculous in the virtual school town hall by wearing the dress I wore to Milo’s Bar Mitzvah?

    Putting on special pieces elevates your energy. People notice your energy…even if they can’t see your socks. And if you look good in your dress, they’ll notice that too. They may even let you know with a compliment.

    1. I’ll wear them for a special occasion

    It makes a lot of sense to hold off on wearing your special items until you have a special event. This will keep them safe in your closet. You won’t have to worry about any damage. But what good are those items doing you by sitting in your closet? Nothing. They’re taking up space. And that’s a waste! You bought those items because you loved them. Sure, they may have been specific to an occasion so you’d feel good at that event. If you wear them now, they’ll serve the purpose of making you feel good today.

    3. I’ll wear them on a big day

    Waiting to wear your good stuff for a big day may seem wise. That’s why we have special stuff and everyday stuff. We put the special stuff away until the right time. And we wear the everyday stuff —which isn’t as nice— all the time.

    Let’s go back to my fancy socks. The real reason I don’t wear them is because I’m waiting for a big day. I know that I’ll feel extra special when I wear them, and I don’t want to use up those days. It’s like I’ve told myself there are only so many days I can feel extra special and today is not one of them. So I wait.

    And wait.

    I’m still waiting…

    Find Something Special In The Everyday

    In the car last night, I heard a song from my high school years on the radio. It’s called Everyday Is Like Sunday.

    What if we treated everyday like a big day? What if we allowed ourselves to feel extra special on all days? And what if we believed there’s no limit to the number of days we get to feel extra special?

    This morning, when I went to get dressed, my hands initially passed over the fancy socks. But then I remembered that today could be something special!

    I chose the fancy socks today!

    What can you put on for fun today just because it gives you joy? Or more importantly, because it makes you feel special in an ordinary day?

    If you need help figuring out how to wear your nice clothes, let’s talk! Book a complimentary call and we’ll discuss how to make your special clothes feel comfortable enough for everyday. Click here to book your call now!

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