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Back To School Means Back To The Work-Out

    So here we go again.

    We’ve returned to the back-to-school portion of the year.  And whether you have young kids, or not — there’s usually a bit of re-programming that needs to happen in early September.  You know, like getting back into the swing of things, and picking up to the pace of productivity.  For me, this always begins with getting my workout up to speed. Somehow, summer always seems to entice me out of my routine which means my workout/ exercise/ movement program slides.

    workout girl

    And now it’s time to get back at it!

    Lucky for me I was gifted 3 sessions to a Bari class. (So worth the 5 minute survey I filled out while deep within my holiday haze.)  And even luckier that I was given a bit of a reprieve from taking care of the kids (who are still in what may be the longest summer ever!)  I was able to sign up, and commit to the 55 min class.


    What to know about Bari:

    It’s a full-blown exercise class based on getting your heart rate up then tweaking your muscles to perfection.  It relies on an aerobic/ anaerobic formula which is kind of like sweat first, strengthen after.  I took the hybrid class which is a combo of cardio dance, trampoline and sculpting. The first twenty minutes of cardio dance was high impact in energy, but not too tough on the body — meaning my bones didn’t feel like they were being slammed to the floor. Similar to most cardio dance classes, there’s an 80s vibe in the choreography. Think kick-ball-change accented with jumping jacks then polished into the grape-vine.  There were some other moves thrown into the mix, but nothing too complicated that it got in the way of the workout.

    Next up — the trampoline, and no matter what your age — jumping on a trampoline never gets old!  Until the instructor pushes you past your comfort zone which is what happens in Bari. Again with the jumping jacks and side kicks. But the bounce feels great.  It’s gentle on the body while working it into a fury.

    Sculpting is the last part of the hybrid class, and again there’s a little 80s throwback here.  This time it’s a Jane Fonda melange of leg lifts and butt kicks. There’s also some weight training, and lower ab strengthening with plenty of planks to boot.

    What the scene looks like:

    Mostly women and a guy who were more than semi-coordinated.  We all had a major pep in our step.  And sneakers are required.

    The soundtrack:

    A bit disappointing.  It was so not a part of the workout…just blaring beats in the background. I wished there was at least one song that spoke to me.  And as someone who (not by choice) listens to A LOT of pop music it was a bit odd that I knew none of the music.

    The rhythm of the room:

    Situated right between the teacher and someone who looked to be a Bari regular –I felt the exhilaration of experiencing choreography with others. There’s a definite rush when you’re in synch with the steps that the rest of the room is involved in.

    Sweat Inducing or Keepin’ it clean:

    Bari is a solid workout. You will sweat!

    Mostly mind, body or soul workout?

    This one is all about the body.  Though my mind got engaged (to master the choreography), and my soul got a little play on the trampoline, it’s my body that benefit most from Bari.

    3 thoughts on “Back To School Means Back To The Work-Out”

    1. SirenaTales

      Thanks for yet another cool and informative post, TT. I wonder if you will go back? Do you know if the instructor gets to select the music or if there is a prescribed playlist? So agree with you–music is key. Yay you for staying so active and adventurous in the movement groove! xo

    2. Thanks ST! I will go back (I’ve still got 2 more classes left) Hopefully the music gets better so I can fully get my movement groove happening! Because as you say- music is key! Xo

    3. I appreciate how you circle out to the aspects that go beyond the movement. I just realized you’ve been with me a while…started following from my early days. I value the connection and support. If you missed it, I would be interested in your response to my latest post. A comment you put up on SirenaT reminded me to visit you again, and I realize you well might have something to say. I included a picture of her on the post, too. =)

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