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Flying Free With The Trapeze

    So guess what I did yesterday?

    That’s me!

    I flew on the trapeze!

    It’s been a build-up of over a year now. M’s practice is right below the trapeze, and being the soccer mom that I’ve turned into — I’m on that field weekly.  I know, I probably should have been watching M score a hat trick (he does that!) but my gaze always goes to the trapeze. I figured out the routine of the beginner class, and knew it was something I MUST DO.  It spoke to my DNA as free, exciting, and kind of crazy!  But it’s also scary.  And a little expensive.  So it’s been an easy put-off.

    Until yesterday!

    the tricks chart

    What to know about the flying trapeze:

    As a beginner you’ll start with the very basics of a knee-hang, back flip and catch. (I know, can you believe these are considered the very basic?) Once you successfully accomplish these tricks, you’ll move on. The last level is the stuff you see at the circus. (One of which is called the uprise reverse suicide.) Our class had the maximum of 10 people. We took turns trying the tricks, and cheering each other on. Though it may seem like there’s a lot of downtime while waiting — there’s also a lot of adrenaline flowing. I think it took me 10 mins to stop shaking after my catch. The in-between moments were quite restorative.

    What the scene looks like:

    Obviously from 23 feet up in the air, the views are spectacular!  The trapezees are a mixed bunch. Tween regulars at gymnastics, fifty-somethings staying strong and in shape, men who you’d never imagine to hang upside down, hipsters from Williamsburg with mustaches and tattoos, tourists from Europe struggling to keep up with all the instructive fast-talk. And of course, soccer moms — like me!  Everyone is super supportive, friendly and most likely somewhat of a thrill seeker, right? The staff is trained to handle safety, individual progressions, and of course the big one — fear.

    The soundtrack:

    Applause. Cheers. And some shrieks (from excitement.)

    The rhythm:

    It’s progressive. You master one trick then you move on to the next. There’s no comfort level here — the entire class I felt on the edge, literally. I was pushed to do something I’d never done before. I learned new tricks. And I experienced the exhilaration that comes from accomplishment (and from flying through the air!)

    Sweat fest or keeping it clean?

    Yesterday felt like 100 degrees so needless to say I was beyond sweaty. And while the sweltering heat contributed to most of my sweat… my nerves did their part too. I thought my fear of heights would be the biggest challenge, but that was the least of my worries.  Turns out, flying into the unknown is way scarier!

    Me in the catch

    Mind, body or soul workout?

    All of it!  Standing at the edge of the platform, ready to jump– my mind ran wild with fear. But once told to get into position (knees bent) I’d allow the adrenaline to take over. My mind shut up. My body did exactly as it was instructed.  And my soul flew free.

    18 thoughts on “Flying Free With The Trapeze”

    1. SirenaTales

      Wow, TT, wow! I recall your writing about your aspiration to do this–and now YOU DID IT!!!! Yay you. Thanks for all of the thrilling description. Are you going back at it? No matter…thanks for the inspiring, MOVING post. xoxo

    2. OMG!!! Aerial work and sky diving are on my bucket list. I’m jealous, appreciative, mind boggled and giddy at seeing you flying through the air!!! WOW!!! Proud of ya!!!

    3. Oh MY GAWD I’m so jealous!!! HOW FUN! I’m SO excited for you and that you got to do this!!! YOU GO!!! Or should I say FLY!


    4. It was a thrill and I can’t stop thinking about it!! I’m sure I’ll do it again. I always love to read your feedback. Thank You, ST.

    5. Thank you NiaChick! It had been on my to-do list as well so finally getting the courage to do it felt amazing…and flying through the air was so much fun! I look forward to reading about your adventures in the air!

    6. It was AWESOME, Jenny! And it’s so nice to be able to share the experience with my WP friends. Thanks so much for your ongoing support.

    7. Margie, I love how you write that you were only climbing up to jump off — kind of crazy, right? But so much fun! I think I have to go back…Thanks for sharing.

    8. YES!! 🙂 Awesome, most awesome. I love those connections of mind, body & soul in a moment of free-flying freedom. Ziplining, ropelling, Contact Improvisation, dance lifts… Maybe one day I’ll be able to try high-flying trapeze. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

    9. Veronica

      I’m so glad to read you enjoyed the class. Yay for conquering fears!

    10. I must say that jumping off the platform and flying on the trapeze is a pretty fun and exciting way to conquer fear. Definitely gave me an “I Did It!” feeling. Thank you for following up, Veronica.

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