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Be Bolder For A Brighter Version Of You

    Be Bolder For A Brighter Version Of You | | Mind Body Soul Stylist

    Be Bolder For A Brighter Version Of You | | Mind Body Soul Stylist
    How often do you feel like you’re playing it safe? You know, when you take the road oft travelled because you know it works. It’s good enough.

    Well, I’ve recently hit a wall on this safe road. I’ve gotten comfy with what I know so much so that I’m starting to feel stuck, and in order to break through into something new, I’ve got to be more bold in my choices.

    There are many ways to be bolder in life. And what’s cool is once you begin being bolder in one area, you gain the confidence to try it in other areas.

    Here’s where I’ve been trying out a bolder way of living.

    With What I Wear

    I know I’m always going on about this inside out approach to everything blah blah blah, BUT sometimes the outside-in way works too. For example, taking risks with your wardrobe…it not only expands your style, it breeds confidence! Stepping away from the uniform of jeans and a top into something you don’t usually wear is fun! It allows you to see yourself in a new light. If you’re not sure how to do this, simply stop wearing what you normally gravitate towards. (Make sure to give yourself extra time for outfit planning.) Put on a dress! Wear that piece you’ve always adored, yet never knew when it was the right time to try it. Now is the time!

    In Yoga

    I’ve been cruising along in my yoga practice for years so I’ve got my favorite poses and go-to sequences that usually set me right. The thing is, it’s easy to drift into auto pilot when things get comfortable which is what’s been going on. So I’ve started to shake it up. When the instructor asked us to kick into handstand (in the center of the room) I went for it. Yes, it’s scary….so unknown. But it’s how I roll now. I’ve got to make bolder choices, and handstand is pretty goddamn bold in my book.

    In My Workout

    As a yogi, I know I’ve got it going on in the flexibility and balance arena, but put me in a crossfit or bootcamp-y situation, and I’m totally awkward. Which is why I’ve started taking these classes! I had my first experience in a… God, what was this class?!?  It had rowing machines, trx straps, ski / jungle gym equipment along with several sets of burpees, crunches and kettleballs. And planks. Lots of planks. Anyhow, I went, and aside from getting my foot stuck in the rowing machine, holding up the whole circuit, it was okay! I actually got into the groove of the group fitness thing. It was energizing and I felt stronger. Bolder, even.

    And lastly, Socially

    This may not seem like an area where boldness is needed, but it’s really about getting out of the comfort zone. And I am pretty darn comfortable at home. On the couch. Part of my be bold plan includes getting out more; seeing friends and saying yes to more in general. I guess this expression, go bold or go home…I’m trying bold for now.

    Where are you most bold in your life? Or where have you been trying to be more bold?

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    4 thoughts on “Be Bolder For A Brighter Version Of You”

    1. I get what you are saying, Elysha. Playing it safe, staying in comfort zone, etc. can lead to mid-life crisis. Additionally, think one can be bold in exploring the edges, the outer limit so to speak. Be adventurous without being reckless.

    2. I like how self aware you are Elysha, how onto yourself you try to be. You’re right, we have to watch for complacency and a feeling of staying well within your boundaries. I totally agree with the outside in approach – not as the answer, but as an answer. I am pretty bold when it comes to my clothes and hair, and I don’t like to wear the same things all the time. Where I have been bolder than normal lately, I guess this year, is to do with work; putting myself out there, following up leads,making the first contact. Surprise, surprise, it’s paid off 🙂

    3. Thank you, Sara!
      It’s interesting how everyone is on a different spectrum for what they consider to be bold. Glad your efforts paid off!

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