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Be Your Own Stylist And Find The Right Fit For Your Body

    When deciding what to wear, choose items that flatter your body and lifestyle. These stylist tips address common fit challenges so you can choose well.

    Be Your Own Stylist And Find The Right Fit For Your Body | | Mind Body Soul Stylist
    Fashion rules – like don’t wear white before Memorial Day, and never mix black with navy are for the birds. Seriously, who’s to say what we can and cannot wear? Our style is the culmination of OUR choices. Particular precepts created ages ago may not be relevant to who we are today.

    That said, our choices on what to wear should be based on making ourselves look and feel our best. And the truth is – not every item will do that. Therefore, it’s helpful to know the specifics of what styles work well for who you are, and how you live. This means knowing which shapes and silhouettes will flatter you most.

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    Here are some tips on what to wear to help balance out your body proportions.

    If your fit challenge is:

    Big Bust

    Opt for open necklines. The trick is to keep your chest area bare to create space. Think v-necks, scoop necks, and always leave a few buttons undone on your blouses. Stay away from high crew necks, and any type of pocket or ruffle near the bust. Shifts, sheaths and wrap dresses are also a good call. High waisted bottoms are not.

    Full Hips and / or Thighs

    Choose A-line dresses and skirts that drape nicely over your curves. Also high waisted pencil, midi and tulip skirts will show off your waist. For pants, boyfriend, straight and wide legs will work best, but if skinnies are your thing, go for a more relaxed fit – like a cigarette style.

    Short Waist

    To give the illusion of a longer waist, wear low rise or mid rise pants. You could also go monotone in color from top to bottom. And keep your tops untucked. Try drop waist blouses and empire cuts, not high waisted fits on the bottom.

    Short Legs

    Heels help elongate your frame, but if you prefer flat shoes — they will be fine if your hems are at the correct length — either cropped just above or below the ankle bone. High waisted trousers with a thin, monotone belt will lengthen your frame while longer tops and tunics can cut your legs short.

    Muffin Top

    Keep your blouses loose fitted and flow-y. Choose higher waistlines for your bottoms then half tuck-in your tops (front part only). Add a jacket for a smooth finish.

    Hopefully, this post helps you to know which styles suit your particular body, but these tips should only serve as guideline in curating your wardrobe. The most important thing is to look and feel your best. And you are the only one who can determine that.

    What do you think? Are you ready to be your own stylist?

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