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How To Keep Your Vacation Vibe (Even Amidst The Daily Grind)

    A simple attitude adjustment is all you need to keep your holiday vibe amidst the daily grind. Click through for 3 tips to start doing it today.

    A simple attitude adjustment is all you need to keep your holiday vibe amidst the daily grind. Click through for 3 tips to start doing it today.With the holiday weekend on its last leg, many will soon be back into their regular routines. But rather than sink into a post holiday slump,  a simple attitude adjust will help keep your energy up. Here’s an example of how a little shift in perspective can make a big difference.

    The other evening, I was bike riding to meet a friend. It was about 2.5 miles away, definitely on the longer side of the spectrum for my commuter bike rides, but since I love warm nights –I took it in stride, always keeping my eyes on the road, yet stopping easily when a light turned yellow. The standstill moment was an opportunity to check out all the people (one of which was wearing the best floral jumpsuit ever!) and see what was going on around me. I felt relaxed and free…almost as if I was on vacation.

    A few days later, I was back on my bike taking the same trip to the same neighborhood for a meeting. This time I was rushing through intersections well after the flashing red hand had stopped, was irritated by pedestrians who stood in the bike lane, and felt burdened by the 2.5 mile distance. I was stressed about getting to my meeting on time. Clearly NOT in vacay mode.

    Yesterday, a yoga teacher who I adore was teaching in that same neighborhood. I thought long and hard about how I would get there — subway? Yuck, not in this heat. Bus? Way too slow. Bike? I was ready to try it again except with an attitude adjustment. I’d pretend I was going to meet my friend like the other evening.

    I cruised lightly through the city streets, keeping a comfortable pace without worrying about the time, and if I would be late. The ride was a joy (except when the bus blew exhaust in my face). I pleasantly got where I wanted to be without any pressure…I turned on my vacation mindset. (Okay, fine — I was going to yoga…not the most stressful of scheduled activities, but commuting can be hell no matter what you’re going to do.)

    A vacation mindset is all about going with the flow, taking it easy. Of course, real life doesn’t always allow for such an attitude, but there are plenty of opportunities when it does…like on a commute.

    Here are 3 Ways To Commute Like A Tourist (but not like the ones on 5th Ave with their heads tilted towards the sky):

    1. Checkout your surroundings
    Obviously if you’re on a bike or driving, you’ll keep your eyes on the road. But at a light lift your head to see what’s around you — notice it all. I like to look at people which there are plenty of in this city. But I also love nature and try to absorb it whenever I can.

    2. Take a different route
    This is a great way to add newness into your world. Today when riding home from my meeting, I went down 2nd instead of 4th and I saw the camp I was thinking about sending the kids to later in the summer. So not only did I switch things up for enjoyment…I got to do some research.

    3. Go slowly
    I have such a hard time with this one, I’m always rushing around! But that evening I met my friend, I went so slow. First off, I think it’s safer on the bike to move slower. But also, it gives me more space to enjoy.

    How do you keep a vacation vibe amidst the daily grind? Do you make an attitude adjustment?


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    4 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Vacation Vibe (Even Amidst The Daily Grind)”

    1. Hi Elysha! I enjoyed your article — very good advice, that works even when you’re driving. It’s amazing how many collisions you can easily avoid when you’re driving more gently. Helps you navigate around bikers too. As you write, it’s generally all in your head and that elusive attitude you choose to take. See you soon! Tom

    2. Hi Tom! So happy to see you here! So true that you can apply the same attitude to driving as on the bike. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    3. Hullo Elysha – gee your site looks lovely ? I loved this article, and I know exactly what you’re talking about. I often would get stressed about being late, or some kind of hiccup or derailment that would slow or stop me in my tracks. So resistant to what is! Something changed in me when I discovered the mantra ‘All delay is Divine’ and the question ‘what if this is perfect?’ And when I started letting things unroll, I realised that in fact, everything was perfect! Unless I interfere of course ?

    4. I love this question, Sara – what if this is perfect. I’ll remember it from now on when my vacation vibe starts slipping away. It really is just about trusting…and knowing all is well.
      I hope you are well! It’s nice to see you ?.

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