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    At the benefit concert Coming Together, Christina Aguilera hit the right note…on so many levels.  New York is going through really tough times right now.  Encapsulated in such devastation makes it pretty hard to find the beauty.  Or even see the light when everything’s gotten so dark!  My neighborhood went black after Hurricane Sandy.  And others nearby suffer way worse circumstances.   There’s a major mess to clean up — it’s going to take some time.

    Watch the performance here.


    We know what we gotta do, NYC!  Let’s get to it — so we can move on.

    2 thoughts on “beautiful”

    1. SirenaTales

      Love your can-do attitude, TT. Got some extras of your jet packs that make you so prodigious? I’d love a couple, please. Love to you and NYC!

    2. Thank you, ST! I’m flattered that I’m read as one with a can-do attitude. I think high energy breeds high energy. And of course all the movement activity helps. Xo enjoy the weekend!

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